10 Tips to Lose 10 Pounds


10 Tips to Lose 10 Pounds

  1. Do you support

Motivation is 70% of the plan. If necessary, hire one of your friends or your partner to play the role of coach and safeguard. Or, make your diet group. Seeing other incentive to keep you hang on you.


  1. Take your time!

Lose 10 pounds, it does not happen in one week or in one month, nor in 2. Take the time to take a balanced diet, otherwise hello deficiencies and soft strokes. It is generally believed that a kilo a week is the maximum rate.

And do not forget: losing too quickly often means back so quickly.


  1. Remember to consult a dietician

10 pounds, it starts to do much. To lose them sustainably and safely, it is better to hire a professional who not only refer you to the nutritional level, but in addition will motivate you.


  1. Say goodbye to sweets and meats

No secret to lose weight, limit evacuate see her feeding too fat or sugary foods. However, this does not mean banning all fat.

In fact, any food and family foods provide us with essential nutrients, including fat and sugar. So yes a teaspoon of oil in the salad!


  1. Say welcome to fish

Fish is the ideal friend as part of a plan. Low in calories, full of omega 3 good for form, it copes well with the vegetables. And in terms of variety, you only have to choose from: salmon, tuna, whiting, Emperor, location and many others.

Attention, the breaded fish is not recommended!


  1. Remove your shoes

And yes! This is often the most complicated step, at least the hardest to overcome. But the most difficult thing is to get started, while at work. All means are good to do some exercise, steps of stairs to vacuuming until the little one race on foot. One slogan move!

Ideally, you should compel you 2-3 hours of sport per week. But you can quite split, and do 20-30 minutes per day, it works well.


  1. Watch your fridge

The main thing in a diet is not to eat anything, and therefore to have on hand as balanced foods. Before you start, get rid of all the cakes, sweets and other meats, all of which are unnecessary temptations. Elaborate menu lists, or authorized foods, and try to stick to it. And do not go shopping on an empty stomach, at the risk of throw you drive on the lesser delicacy.


  1. Do not skip meals

When we start a diet, there is a tendency to want to do too much. The biggest mistake is to skip a meal. Indeed, not only skipping a meal causes to the next or eat snacks, but in addition, the body, alert, more will store the next meal. It is always better to split meals, including breakfast, lunch and dinner, and one or two small snacks between.


  1. Respect the rule of the food pyramid

To lose weight in shape, there must be a simple principle: eat well in the morning and afternoon and evening light. First, the morning and afternoon, the body needs energy, while in the evening, it will store. Then a light lunch facilitates sleep.


  1. Also be careful to drink

Alcohol, it seems harmless like that, but it’s filled with sugar. So seriously limit your intake if you want to deflate.

Banish sodas, packed with sugars. You can consume light, but in moderation. Overuse may cause laxative effects and more consumption of such beverages is addictive sweet taste.