17 Days Diet to Lose Weight Dr. Mike Moreno


17 days diet to Lose Weight Dr. Mike Moreno. Surely you’ve heard already known as Diet for 17 days or Diet Dr. Mike Moreno and that is, not surprisingly, his book has become one of the most followed as far as diet is concerned, especially in Latin America.

Basically, this diet is based on the monitoring of four cycles, through which can be lost, according to its supporters, from 2-20 kilos without subsequent relapse. We talked a bit more about it.

In a first cycle, protected under the concept of Speed, an eating plan 1,200 calories per day, no carbohydrates, which are often lost between 4 and 7 kilos is established. Here, we can eat as much protein and vegetables as you want, and we will also take fruits with low sugar, low fat yogurt, green tea and water.

The second part, Activate, is to slightly increase the number of calories, activating our metabolism and achieving balance reaching three kilos less. At this stage, we will increase the previous list of foods with a couple of servings of carbohydrates that will get us to 1500 calories a day.

A third cycle, Achieve, is the moment in which it is intended to stabilize our line to avoid the dreaded ups and downs of miracle diets. Here are just a kilo lose weight but get to keep all the work done and can enjoy some freak like alcohol or a sandwich in a timely manner.

Finally, the phase of Reach will be based on one of the above follow meal plans, besides allowing a whim during the weekend.

As far as exercise is concerned, the diet proposed about 120 minutes per week during the early stages and, once you have taken the pace, increase this up to 300 mintues week.

As in all diets of this type, there are voices and other advocates who insist in saying that there is but one more of many miracle diets. Among its strengths, however, we can say that this is a fairly complete nutritional plan and, therefore, should avoid the effects of yo-yos.

Moreover, after reading the official diet book, we can see how one of his goals is to teach the reader a series of healthy habits, as they are to avoid unnecessary fats, to distinguish good protein and we should avoid to consume a lot of mineral water or simply learn to listen more to our body, which can tell us about when to eat to do it naturally.

Critics, however, are also there, and many are those who say they understand the limitation of certain foods such as carbohydrates or vegetables from certain hours of the day.