Running Exercises Apps


Running Exercises Apps

RunKeeper, the best application

RunKeeper is the most downloaded application by race fans on foot, walking, rollerblading and biking.
It is available in the world and in many languages.
But above all it is free!
The application offers training programs, it calculates your performance, your progress, it offers even review your route with GPS.
Because it is a connected application, you can share your performances with your friends on social networks.
Finally, RunKeeper can connect to other tools like the intelligent scales or related applications.
Runtastic, application with multiple features

Runtastic is a very good application.
It exists in two versions: free and paid.
To be honest, the paid version is much better, the price is justified.
Runtastic offers live tracking your exercises, it also has a GPS service to locate you and analyze your course.
Most of Runtastic are provided audio advice from your vocal coach throughout your runs.
Recently, the application comes with running story: stories that you are counted during exercise.

Endomondo Sports Tracker for competitors

Endomndo Sports Tracker is by far the most complete application.
It is particularly recommended for those who wish to compete.
The Endomndo Sports Tracker application provides predefined sessions and personalized sessions.
But that’s not all!
You can access the sessions of your friends and make your tour.
The goal here is to measure up to them. Endomndo Sports Tracker also offers group challenges and physical tests that allow you to take stock and assess your progress.
The application is available in free version, already very full, paid version and with a multitude of features that are really worth.

Zombies, Run! More than an application, game

Zombies, Run is the most apart from our selection application.
But it is so original, it was impossible not to mention.
Halfway between the trainer and the game, the application allows you to work out any blast.
The principle is simple, you are chased by zombies throughout your session.
So you need to run faster or slower!
The application is not free and once you complete missions, you can buy more.