5 Effective Exercises Of Yoga For Eyes To Be Healthy


Did you observe yourself squinting and rubbing your eyes after a long time that you spent in front of the computer? As the rapid growth of digital technology makes the employees as a screen-time, yoga for eyes is required. Interestingly, There are six muscles that are connected to the eye to eye socket. Especially many adults are suffering from problems like blurred vision, itchy, and watery eyes, reddish eyes, etc. These are caused due to these continuous hours of work are done on the screens, watching, driving, so this problem is called eye-fatigue.

These may lead to spectacles, lenses, etc., giving rest to your eyes is very essential for healthy eyes. According to Mark Grossman, ‘The eyes are not made to do the extensive close work’. So keep distance to the screens such as computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones which give extra stress to your eye muscles. Almost the whole part of your work is happening near to the eye. So, follow these exercises for eyes and be a stainless employee.

Lets Have Your Sight On The Exercises And Yoga For Eyes

  • Palming
  • Eye rolling
  • Focus shifting
  • Distance gazing
  • Blinking

So you will learn how these eye exercises should be done.

1. Palming

  • Gently rub your hands for 10-15 sec until they get warm and energetic. Then place it on your eyes.
  • Don’t touch the eyeballs directly, rub the eyes slightly to make a form of darkness in front of the eyes.
  • Take a deep breath while closing your eyes. Then, slowly the eye muscles will be relaxed. It absorbs the warmth of your hands and makes you relief from the stress of the eyes.
  • Slowly smooth your eyes within 4-5 minutes so that your eye muscles will be relaxed and relieved from work stress, watery eyes, etc this is the best exercise of yoga for eyes.

2. Eye rolling

  • Sit with a straight spinal cord and take a deep breath. Soft your eyes and face and make your muscles relaxed.
  • Roll your eyeballs without moving your head, then gently circle your eyes in a clockwise direction.
  • Make a focus on the objects by this you will be relieved from the stuck mind and uneasiness.
  • You must repeat this until your eyes get smooth and fluid-like watery. This yoga for eyes will provide freshness to your eyes and brain functioning.
  • Make sure that you should be satisfied with the clockwise rolling movement so that you can start with the anticlockwise movement, this results will give you good benefits of eye exercise.

3. Focus shifting

  • Breathe comfortably and relax your body, hold your one arm straight in front of you in a loose first and keep your thumb pointing in an upward direction.
  • Keep your focus on your thumb so that slowly moves the thumb slighter. This will make your concentration from hold and relaxation will be possible.
  • Repeat this activity so that you will regain the eye contact and concentration, this is well-relaxed yoga for eyes.

4. Seeing the distance

  • Keep your gaze on the distanced objects like looking at windows.
  • Make a focus on the particular object and trace it, it will relax your eyes and face.
  • Then shift your gaze on another object around you, make sure that your eyes must drift the world around you. You will experience a mesmerizing feeling.
  • When your eye act as a spy then it makes smile so that enjoy the vision it makes the eyes much stronger, better relaxation, and best yoga for eyes.

5. Blinking

  • Open your eyes and sit comfortably, and quickly blink 10 times.
  • Keep your eyes closed for 20 seconds and take your attention to breathing this activity is one of the best yoga for healthy eyes.
  • Repeat this exercise for 5 minutes so that watery eyes will be cleared and eye muscles will be in an active state.
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