6 Tips to Lower your Cholesterol and Blood Pressure


    6 tips to Lower your Cholesterol and Blood Pressure

    Thins a bit: making better choices when you go out to eat, replacing cocktails wine, eating sugar free candy and popcorn instead of sugary or salty snacks, you can lose a little weight. And losing only 2 to 5 kilos of your total body weight, estabilizas blood pressure, lower the risk of diabetes and improve your cholesterol levels.

    Reduces bad fats: a diet rich in saturated fat raises levels of bad cholesterol and plaque builds up in the arteries. There are many processed foods with hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oil, which provide trans fats (eg, packaged snacks, baked goods and some margarines). These substances increase the LDL.

    Change some foods for their healthier versions: Try changing the fried chicken for grilled version with low-fat sauces; replacing butter with olive oil or canola (containing monounsaturated fats); choose meats, fish and lean chicken; opt for yogurt and skim milk; used to spread the shredded just above the cheese food.

    Dietary fiber includes: various studies link a high intake of dietary fiber with a decrease in the risk of heart deficiencies. You need to incorporate fiber in every meal throughout the day because it is good for digestion and lower triglyceride levels, which are bad fats accumulated in the blood. Oats, peas, brown rice, breads and whole citrus fruit pastes are some foods that contain fiber.

    Eat more fish: eat fish 2 times per week reduces the chances of developing heart problems by 30%. The essential fatty acids in fish, reduce triglycerides and blood pressure; even prevent irregular heartbeat. If you do not like seafood, talk to your doctor about taking fish oil supplements.

    Dietary Fish

    Make half hour of exercise every day: a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association, confirmed that a high level of physical activity reduces heart risks associated with being overweight. You need not be a professional to get benefits of sport athlete: moderate exercise for example, ½ hour walk quickly will help you keep your heart healthy.

    Visit your doctor regularly: do not assume that because your body weight, your exercise habits and your diet are healthy, your heart is healthy too. Genetics may predispose equally to heart disease. So you should make regular visits to your doctor to check that all is well.