7 Ingredients you should avoid!


7 ingredients you should avoid

The food you eat affects not only your figure, but can also influence your thinking, your actions and your emotions. Many of the foods and chemical additives we consume can loosen our nervous system, acarreándonos moodiness, fatigue, anxiety and even depression. The smallest hidden certain other substances in foods can greatly affect your wellbeing. Know what those ingredients are.

Refined flour: often, soups, salad dressings and other processed products come with added white flour for greater consistency. This ingredient gives you empty calories and raises your blood glucose levels, taunting peaks of hunger and mood swings. Try to replace it with whole grain or gluten-free products.

C Red Dye No. 40: This chemical is one of the most used food additives industry to add flavor and color to food. It is hidden in all sorts of products, from sports drinks to snacks and chips. Although it much more attractive food has been associated with the development of ADHD and may cause hypersensitivity. Instead of meals with food additives, choose organic snacks without artificial aggregates.

Hydrogenated oil: is a processed oil used by food manufacturers to extend its life. This ingredient creates trans fats in foods, a type of lipid that increase cholesterol and make you gain weight. In addition, trans fats cause severe cerebral exhaustion and bad humor. One way to avoid hydrogenated oil is consumed organic coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil instead.

Aspartame is a sweetener used to sweeten supposedly sugar-free products. If you think that you’re doing your body a favor by avoiding sugar, you should consider twice, because aspartame is an artificial chemical which has been shown to cause headaches, digestive problems and seizures. Try to choose sweetened with honey, coconut sugar or raw sugar foods.

Yellow Dye No. 5: our body is not ready to process chemicals naturally. The yellow dye No. 5 is an additive that is often present in biscuits, soft drinks and even chewing gum. Those foods and drinks that contain typically have an attractive yellow glow, but can cause asthma, allergic reactions and mood disorders. As a general precaution, avoid eating foods or sweets that look too colorful.

MSG: known as MSG, is a chemical used in processed products to enhance the flavor and extend its life. Soups, frozen dinners, chips and a lot of processed foods contain it. The lower proportion of this additive can cause nausea, anxiety, weakness and dizziness. Try reading the labels on the packages and choose those products with the “free of MSG” legend.

Sugar is hidden in most processed foods (chips, sauces, fruit juices, cereals, energy bars) under names like dextrose, fructose, corn syrup, high fructose, lactose and sucrose. Eat plenty of foods high in sugar can lead to suffer diabetes, thyroid problems, depression and weight gain. We recommend choosing a sweet fruit or a healthy version of your favorite candy when you feel a craving.