7 Simple Aqua Exercises For Weight Loss


Aquatic exercises burn fat really fast with less stressful. We also call them as water exercises or water therapy. They give the best results when compared to workouts in the gym and they are fun too. These exercises are more beneficial for those who are struggling to lose weight. Pool exercises can burn more calories in a short time. There are different types of aqua exercises for weight loss, they are explained below…

Pool Exercises For Weight Loss:

Pool Jogging:

Walk-in waist-high water for 2-3 minutes with an interval of 30 seconds. Do it for at least 15-20 minutes from slow walking to speed walking at comfortable places. Running through different currents and doing sprints gives the best results. Make sure that the body should be in perfect vertical alignment. This will strengthen your core muscles.


Stand in the water aside to the pool. Push up your legs towards the side of the pool by stabilizing your body with swinging your hands. It’s like climbing buildings. These types of aqua exercises give pressure upon your core and back muscles. Do this for 4-6 times by changing your legs. This is one of the best aqua exercises for weight loss.

Aqua Cycling:

There is cycling in the aqua exercises. We have seen it on a land workout. There are a lot of benefits from doing cycling in a pool and it affects the core and shoulders. Do it for 10-15 minutes. Otherwise, you can do this exercise like put your arms on the pool edge and perform like riding a bicycle.

Pool Plank:

This plank exercise is an isometric core strength exercise. This is one of the best fat burning exercises. Pool plank aqua exercises are an ideal exercise for everyone and it is mainly used. In this exercise, you have to push down the noodle (a long cylindrical floating foam) to pool with your hands vertically. The pool exercises with noodles are best-known aqua exercises for weight loss. It is difficult to hold more time who doesn’t have an upper body. At least do this for 1-2 min with a stable body. Pool plank and cycling are the best-known pool workouts for beginners.

One-Legged Balance:

Standing in high-waist and lift your left leg equal to the hip or fold it. Now balance with the right leg. If you can’t lift your left leg you can use the noodles and put the leg under your knee. This aqua exercises strengthen your legs and core muscles.

Cardio Workout:

This is the best exercise for those who want to lose weight. If you know how to swim it is an easy exercise to do it underwater. Many people use this aqua exercises for weight loss. If you don’t know how to swim you can use noodles. In this workout, you have to walk deep down in the water as long as you can hold your breath. You have to swing your hands. You can use a ball holding in front of your navel and walk for one minute as fast as you can. Repeat it 3 times. Wait for 30 seconds to catch the breath for each minute. Changing of balls positions to make good results.

Fly Backs:

These aqua exercises for weight loss will help you to burn the fat content in your upper body. It affects the chest, back, and arms. Start with half lounge position with bend your right leg to the front and stretch out a left leg to the back. Now spread your hands to side from chest. It will complete one rep. Do it for 10-15 times. You can do this like sprints by walking or jogging in the pool.

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