Ab Workouts Are Vital When You Want to Improve Your Fitness


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Ab workouts can be tricky when it comes to body fitness, because of the fragile body parts around the abs section, for instance the spinal cord. Conventional abs toning involves sit-ups and crunches, which cause the spine to flex too much when performing the numerous repetitions of your workouts. The effects of such exercises is lower-back pain, and this led to the introduction of better workouts that target the abs only leaving the spine firm throughout the fitness session.

The Smart Way of Abs Training

This style of abs training focuses on flexing and firming the targeted abdominal muscles only, leaving the spine steady. The trick is to stabilize the spine and move the abdomen muscles at regular intervals. This design of abs workouts ensures that the core is worked intensely. It is the safest way to achieve toned abs while ensuring that you do not suffer from disc herniation that occurs when the lumbar spine is flexed without control. The right way to achieve smart abs is by doing stabilization exercises rather than flexion.

Stabilization Exercises

The exercises will require you to stabilize your body frame in a way that your back and spine maintains steadiness. Do this by elevating one foot to reduce your support base. Your body frame should be almost parallel to the ground so that you can try to create instability by raising one elbow. Make yourself comfortable by supporting yourself with the other elbow. The longer you will hold will work best for you, because at this position, most of your muscles will be taught, but the abdominal muscles will experience the most tightening as they try to stabilize the body frame.

Flexible Stabilization

You might be wondering how you can be stable and at the same time moving. This is the real purpose of the core or abdominal muscles, which is to stabilize your spine when still moving the muscles. An example is when you do a front plank with a pull-down combination. You can use a low cable pulley to give you maximum resistance. The level of the cable should be around the area of your elbows so that you can maintain comfort when pulling and releasing the cable.

Other such exercises include mountain climber exercises, abs wheel roller that stiffens your abdominal muscles while your back is holding firm and the half-kneeling balancing or cable pulls.

While performing ab workouts you should always ensure that your spine does not at all. The stomach muscles controls all the movement and in the process of keeping them firm, they will eventually compact and maintain the required body fitness

Combined Stabilization

This is when the fitness exercises are done with a twist of conventional ab workouts. An example is where you use one dumbbell instead of two when doing lunges. This is aimed at offsetting the gravitational pull forcing the abs to work harder than they should in traditional workouts. The exercise is more like a suitcase walk, presses and lunges when holding uneven weights.

Plan your workouts according to your ability so that you do not strain yourself too much to a point of injuring your back. Try to work on particular sets in different periods instead of mixing the three categories in your daily workouts.

The bottom line is that you can use your abdominal muscles to firm your abs without messing your spine. Discover more of this great exercises and techniques from our website DietFigure.com, where you will get detailed guidelines of maintaining fitness and living healthy too. We are all about healthy living and are ready to assist you with any assistance you may need.

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