Carbohydrates for Bodybuilding


Carbohydrates for Bodybuilding

Fitness practitioners are known to eat a lot of protein in order to muscle, but do not forget the carbohydrate – and fat – that serve to bring us energy and also, indirectly, we help build muscle.


The recommendations in carbohydrates are quite variable and depend on your needs. In general, it is recommended to consume 2-4 grams of carbohydrate per kilogram of body weight, making between 140 and 280 g per day for an athlete to 70 pounds.


Favor good carbs

Our bodies react differently based carbohydrates that are absorbed. They come into our bloodstream more or less rapidly, and this data regulates insulin secretion. More carbohydrates quickly arrive in our circulation, the more insulin spike – a hormone released by the pancreas – will be great. The glycemic index (GI), allows to know this speed: the lower it is, the more sugar uptake rate will be.


The most famous foundations of sugars are glucose (GI = 100) enters the bloodstream quickly because it is a sugar high glycemic index. Fructose (GI = 20) has a low index because it must be transformed in the liver before entering the bloodstream. Galactose, milk sugar, is also transformed in the liver before entering the bloodstream and also has a low glycemic index.


In practice, it will choose carbohydrates according to the needs of the moment. In general, you should change to “complex carbohydrates”, at least those with a low glycemic index. Include oatmeal, pasta, rice and wholemeal bread, lentils, all beans (red, white …), fruits (apples), vegetables, olégaineux (walnuts, hazelnuts) etc.

You can view the table of glycemic index to sort. As you can see, the best sources of carbohydrates are mostly natural, avoid processed foods.


We can feed with these carbs for every meal of the day and especially before strength training. However, after training we can take high sources indexes, “sugars”. They will recover quickly and will be stored mainly in the form of muscle and liver glycogen, not body fat.


How to determine your calorie intake?

In the practice of bodybuilding, it is necessary to consume enough calories to meet the energy needs, with a surplus for the growth of muscles. But not too much not to fatten either. Evaluate your calorie needs and adjust them based on the results.

For example, if you do not take weight, increase the number of calories by increasing the amount of carbohydrate and fat from your meals. If you take a lot of weight, your waist size increases too quickly, adjust your intake by reducing carbohydrates and fats.

We recommend the site to evaluate your calorie needs, as well as its online calculator that will be useful to count calories, protein, carbohydrates and fats from your meals and your day.