Diet Weight Measures More Effective than Others


The diet weight measures more effective than others for weight watchers?

With the best will in the world, it is often difficult to keep a diet over the long term autonomously.

Study investigates the matter and reveals how to lose weight more easily. This study on the Weight Watchers plan says it would be five times more effective than any other diet program.



In this experiment, two groups of people were compared for 6 months:

– People following the Weight Watchers plan letter

– People leading an autonomous regime


It turns out that the first group of people showed a significantly greater weight loss than those who tried a solo regime.

During the first three months, the Weight Watchers group members had lost an average of nearly 5 times more weight than the second group!

Following six months of experience, the difference between the two groups was even greater. People following the Weight Watchers method showed a weight loss of 7 times greater than the second group unframed, who themselves have observed weight regain after diet.

“On the one group to another, the observed difference between the weight loss curves is absolutely irrefutable. Where members of Weight Watchers group saw their weight decrease significantly over a six month period, subjects following a solo regime began to regain the pounds. On the long term, we can really call into question the effectiveness of independently conducted regimes “analyzes Dr. Craig A. Johnston, director of research for this study.


Why such different results?


This study demonstrates the importance of regular supervision and monitoring during a diet.

Participation in Weight Watchers meetings can explain the best result of weight loss for the first group.

“These results prove the effectiveness of the Weight Watchers program. We are convinced that our meetings are a major element in the support group dynamics where everyone is motivated, supported by others and learning to change their lifestyle, “says Zoe Hellman, Director of Public Health division of Weight Watchers.