Diets to Lose Weight – The Benefits of Green Tea


if you are starting diets to lose weight, the benefits of green tea are a good ally in your new diet.If your desire is to keep slim, green tea is excellent for achieving your goal.

Green tea is an ancient beverage, used by ancient Eastern cultures, where its benefits have been proven. The best diets to lose weight include green tea at its top.

A quick and easy way to test their effectiveness in supporting weight loss is this: If you substitute coffee cups you eat day by cups of green tea, low insurance weight as Green Tea has ZERO calories. And if we add that you do not put sugar or sweetener, no milk, no cream, you’re leaving consume about 21 calories per cup. Some palates need a slice of lemon tea is added to remove the bitter taste and leave a smooth feeling in the throat.
Take Green Tea, is a good measure to keep hydrated by drinking a drink that keeps us awake and active.

Over the years, studies on the benefits of green tea have been tested. We now know that because of its high content of polyphenols, which are excellent antioxidants, improve cell regeneration and are responsible for the basal metabolism, resulting in an increased energy expenditure, leading our body to lose weight faster.

In diets to lose weight recommend taking Green Tea that mobilizes fat deposits in the body, accelerating its disposal and exerts a protective anti stomach ulcers, reducing the risk of chronic gastritis and stomach cancer.

In these subjects the green tea is used as a preventative, if you already have a chronic ulcer or gastritis, it is possible that the aggravation for the content of tannins and caffeine.

A benefit provided taking green tea is that while you are losing weight, you’re eliminating the stress that you produce daily, and thanks to the qualities that this drink has, can reduce up to 20% stress that you accumulate. What specialists call psychological stress, which is what we generate ourselves with our negative thoughts and continued to be going to them again and again.
Among the benefits offered to us by taking Green Tea, its antibacterial property is listed, which helps fight cavities and streptococci occurring in the teeth. This is because the amount of bioflavonoids that causes depletion of bacterial plaque, which in turn justifies the use of green tea extracts in developing toothpastes.

Green Tea is recommended to counter headaches and depressive symptoms also contains vitamin B1, B2, B6, folic acid, zinc, potassium, antioxidants and reduces cholesterol levels. The recommendation given by the experts in diets to lose weight: “Drink 3 cups of tea a day for a month, without making restrictive diet, claim that guarantees a weight loss of about nearly 2 kilos”.

As you may notice the benefits of drinking Green Tea go to different parts of the body and these are the best diets to lose weight  of all is that this delicious drink can take cold in frappé or hot.

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