Do You Know The Various Effects Of Smoking On Your Health?


Smoking, a common word that we come across in our day to day life. It is a process of inhaling and exhaling the fumes of burning plant material. The plant material may be marijuana and hashish, but mostly they use tobacco in it. Smoking has several harmful effects on our health, mainly on the heart, kidney, and liver. Knowing several disadvantages of smoking, people still get attracted and addicted to them. Stress, work tensions, family tensions, style, and habits are some of the main reasons for smoking. In this present generation, smoking is not only for gents but also for women and teenagers. Teenage students of 15-19 age have also started to smoke. Due to the lack of awareness of dangerous smoking among the people, they are using it. Here we discuss the various effects of smoking in our life.

Smoking Effects On Our Body

Now it’s time to deal with the various harmful effects for our health while smoking, mainly on the heart, liver, skin, etc. Let us discuss them in detail.

1. Heart health

Tobacco present in cigarettes causes damage to blood vessels. This damage increases plaque formation, which makes blood vessels thick and narrow. These blood vessels regulate the flow of blood to and from the heart to other parts of the body. Improper blood flow in our body results in a high heartbeat, high blood pressure. Heart attack, chest pain, heart stroke, and blood clots are the effects of smoking on health. Cigarette smoking also affects the people around you when you are smoking. Hence, avoid smoking to lead a happy and healthy life.

2. Digestive system

Proper digestion of food can provide energy to our body. Smoking is one of the health hazards that affect the digestive system. Regular smoking also improves the risks of mouth, throat, larynx, esophagus, and pancreatic cancers. It is also responsible for an increase in insulin levels in the body. An increase in insulin level (type 2 diabetes) effects on the overall health.

3. Poor vision

One of the side effects of smoking is poor eye vision. Regular smoking leads to chronic redness of your eyes. Heavy smoke and passive smoke inhalation in children lead to tears, dry eye syndrome, and allergic eye conditions. As smoking reduces the supply of antioxidants to our eyes, it increases the chance of macular degeneration and cataracts. Smoking regulates the flow of blood to other parts like optic nerve, which is responsible for eye vision. Hence, there are many chances for thyroid eye problems, eye infections, swelling around the eye, etc.

4. Effects on skin, hair, and nails

The various effects of smoking also include skin, hair, and nails. The components present in tobacco affects the skin and leads to skin cancers in many cases. Regular smoking results in hair problems like hair fall, grey hair, and hair balding. We observe 6 out of 10 people suffer from the above hair problems because of smoking. We come across many people who have nails in pale yellow color. The tobacco in cigarettes changes the nail color and increases fungal nail infections.

5. Respiratory diseases and cancer

When we inhale the smoke, our lungs take the impure components, which lead to several infections in the lungs. An infection in the lungs also acts as the effects of smoking and create several problems like

  • Emphysema – the destruction of air sacs in lungs
  • Lung cancer
  • CPOD, which is a group of lung diseases.
  • Bronchitis- a permanent inflammation that affects the breathing of lungs.
  • Heavy smoking is responsible for several cancers like Bladder, blood, Cervix,Colon and rectum, esophagus, Kidney, and ureter.
  • Larynx, liver, oropharynx, pancreas, stomach, trachea, bronchus, and lung cancer are the other risk factors of smoking.

There are various other health effects of smoking like a central nervous system which is the reason for a swing in the moods, unhealthy teeth, persistent coughing, infertility, bad effect on the pregnant women and newborn babies, and many more.

Best Ways To Quit Smoking:

  • Follow the best therapies to quit smoking.
  • Seek support from friends and family.
  • Consult a doctor and get medication to get rid of smoking.
  • Make yourself feel calm, pleasant, and relaxed from stress.
  • Spend more time with family and children.
  • Engage yourself in other activities like gardening, crafting, etc and stay away from the harmful effects of smoking.