Food Cravings – Is Avoiding Food Cravings The Answer To Shed Unwanted Pounds?


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Are food cravings dangerous for the dieter’s weight loss goals? Cravings are a way for your body to tell you something. Think of cravings as a signal that goes off when it is time to pay attention and solve an issue.

Food cravings sometimes are a way of your body telling you that certain vitamins or minerals may be lacking in your diet. Check with your doctor about the vitamins and nutrients you may need to supplement your diet. Adding nutrients to your daily meals will help your metabolism stay on track.

Favorite foods and smells can be tempting enough to cause a desire to eat. Smells and scents are connected to the limbic system in the brain. Certain scents can highlight specific memories attached to the smell and cause feelings, good or bad. Think of your favorite food or the smell of the favorite food. Even thinking about it brings up cozy feelings that give comfort. Eating comfort food can definitely thwart healthy food choices. Use other stress relieving methods instead.

Boredom can be another problem that causes the want for certain foods. If you find yourself with nothing to do, eating is a sure way to pass the time. Choosing healthy snacks will aid in losing weight quickly. Snacks packed with protein help you feel full longer.

Eating a favorite snack or beverage seems like a good idea to keep you alert when you are feeling tired. Eating is an activity. Peppermint and lemons assist in focus and staying alert.

Some cravings can be caused by an addictive quality in the food. Caffeine is a stimulant and can lead to regular use. It does contribute to a mild physical dependence. Many caffeinated drinks have excess calories that aid in fat cell growth.

What is the best way to avoid food cravings?

*Keep a food journal. Studies show that weight loss is more successful when a food journal is used daily.

*Stay busy. Don’t allow yourself to be bored. Start a project or try something new to keep you occupied. Stepping outside and getting a breath of fresh air, reduces stress and releases the feel good hormone to boost your mood and energy level.

*Drink water. When you feel an urge to eat something unhealthy, just drink a full glass of water. This will help you to sedate the desire to eat.

*Suppress your appetite. Grapefruit and foods that are pickled in vinegar have been known to reduce cravings, especially sugar cravings.

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