Foods High in Animal Protein


Foods High in Animal Protein

The concern with animal proteins is that they are often found in the fat. This may therefore be a problem as consuming too much fat, including saturated fat in the case of meat, can cause fat intake but also health problems.

We must therefore focus on animal protein from lean meat like chicken breast, turkey or rabbit. Fish can also be an excellent source of protein as himself is rich in unsaturated fat, including omega 3. This raises fewer problems with the meat. Still, beware with the fish as they can carry certain toxic substances such as heavy metals. Therefore appropriate to avoid overconsumption, especially if it is yellow tuna, mackerel or marlin are the most affected fish.

It is also possible to find the animal protein in dairy products and eggs but it will also be attentive to their fat content. This means, for example, say, avoid consuming all egg yolks and not to consume whole milk or cheese.


Fatty meats are not completely banish but it will limit their consumption to avoid overloading the diet in saturated fat. It is also possible to remove visible fat from meat, not to drink juices or removing skin from poultry to reduce the amount of fat ingested.


The right amount of protein

When you practice weight training, make sure to have a sufficient intake of protein because it is through these nutrients that the body will be able to build muscle. Normally, the protein requirement for a normal person are set at 0.8 g per kilogram of body weight per day. But practicing bodybuilding obviously has much higher requirements.

So we advise them contributed approximately 2 g per kg of body weight per day.


As seen above, is to be preferred animal protein consumption as they are complete. Vegetable proteins, they, need to be completed. Animal proteins are much better for practitioner training.


The disadvantages of animal protein

Be careful though, because the consumption of animal protein causes excess waste by the body as uric acid or urea that can be harmful and will request an additional removal work to the kidneys. Moreover, this excess can be a source of acidification of the body which can also lead to a result.


Therefore, avoid consuming animal protein excessively and make sure to eat enough fruits and vegetables to offset their effects on the body. It is also advisable to drink enough to help the kidneys in their elimination work.

Over-consumption of animal protein has, anyway, no interest since the body does not use more if they do not need it. The surplus will be converted into fat or degraded. The power supply must contain a certain amount of animal protein but should not rest on this nutrient.