Home Exercises With Kids-Fun And Healthy Exercises


Home exercises with kids are really fun and healthy workouts. The interesting thing is that you can spend more time with your kids. These are not complex but the secret behind it is you can make fun with your kids by doing these exercises. As everyone knows that workouts are the best healthy steps to be strong and energetic. Home workouts with kids are helpful for any kind of people for weight loss, fitness, aged people, etc. It contains not only so many health benefits but also presents good results for parents and kids. Hence you can spend fun time with your kids at a time you also get healthy workout benefits.

Best Home Exercises With Kids:

  • Mountain climbers
  • Bear crawls
  • Sit-ups
  • Squats
  • Star jumps

Mountain Climbers:

Mountain climbers are amazing workouts for strengthening every muscle in the body. It requires only the bodyweight so we can do this exercise anywhere. Firstly your body should be in a plank position with legs and arms and the body should be straight. Pull your left knee towords the chest and the knee should not touch the ground and return to the back position. Again pull your another knee towards the chest. Continue the process for 5 to 10 minutes. Hence mountain climbers are one of the home exercises with kids that contains so many health benefits.

Bear Crawls:

Bear crawls is the dynamic exercise because of involving all muscles in the body including core, upper body, and lower body. It helps to burn calories and boosts the heart rate. Crouch your hands with shoulders and legs and raise your hips. Crawl like a bear by moving your left leg and right hand, Similarly move your right leg and left hand. This is really funny and easy exercise for kids. Their muscles get strong and they become active by doing this exercise. Bear crawls is a great exercise for toning all the body parts without using any type of equipment. Hence this is one of the best home exercises with kids.


Sit-ups are an abdominal exercise that can boost the abdominal muscles. To do this exercise firstly lie back on the floor. Bent your knees and your feet should touch to the ground. Keep your hand on the backside of your head and your elbows should touch to your chest. Now start elevating upper and lower part up to the hip without moving other body parts. By doing these sit-ups with your kids daily up to 20 or 30 can helps to strong the muscles and body parts. Therefore sit-ups are also one of the muscle strengthening and healthy home exercises with kids.


Squats help to keep the bones and joints healthy. It strengthens legs, glutes, and so many muscles in the body. Sit back by putting your butt backward and the knees should be bent and in a straight position. Hold the position for 2 secs and return into the standing position. Do 20 to 30 squats daily to improve your muscle strength. This is one of the best workouts with kids and has a chance to spend with them by doing this healthy and funny exercise.

Star Jumps:

Star jumps is very funniest healthy exercise with kids. Interestingly this exercise will freshen the mind and keep active throughout the day. Especially for kids, their stay with sufficient capable powers to tolerate health issues. Jump while spreading your legs apart and raise your hands in free motion. Softly land on the ground back to the normal posture. This gives good blood circulation to the whole body and makes active with high energy levels. Continue this exercise regularly with your kids and get an amazing health benefits of star jumps.

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