How to Improve the Heartburn and Reflux


How to improve the heartburn and reflux

Heartburn occurs when the esophagus rejects the food you eat because the stomach can not handle well the amount of digestive acids. The burning is the first symptom of this failure. While you have to consult your doctor before any health problem, see some simple solutions that you can implement to relieve reflux.

Taking apple cider vinegar: This product contains acetic acid and acetate salt solution, lowering heartburn. Gastric acid is produced during the digestion compound hydro-hydrochloric acid. To counter, take 2 to 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar diluted in 200 milliliters of water before eating, or whenever you feel burning. The advantages of these natural foods that can be used is long-term.

Eating honey brings natural antibiotics that protect and soften the tissue of the esophagus. You have to consume 1 tablespoon three or four times a day, spread on a small piece of bread, a cookie, a slice of banana or apple, or even a bagel. It is important not to take honey alone, because it will dissolve very quickly into the bloodstream without reaching influence the stomach. Stir in honey ½ hour before meals; get results from Day 3.

Add gum: you can incorporate a chewing gum after meals, as will free saliva, alkaline properties which help neutralize stomach acid. It is also important to eat in small portions, for large meals worsen reflux symptoms.

Change your sleeping position: Lying on the left side of the body with the head elevated position decreases acid reflux and burning sensation.

Consult with your doctor: early treatment of reflux can prevent prolonged damage to the esophagus, called erosive esophagitis. This process breaks the protective tissue of the esophagus. With an endoscopy is possible to analyze the level of damage to this organ, in order to receive proper medical treatment. Care must be taken with medications, for certain drugs inhibit calcium absorption.