Incredible Benefits of Henna For Hair Regularly


Applying henna for hair seems beautiful that can be a bit awkward as it manages to leave reddish-brown specks. However, that’s nothing when compared to the damage of hair, which is caused by chemical dyes. Pure henna gives only orange-reddish colors, but other types of henna can be added to get diverse colors.

Henna is a natural herbal plant dye commonly used to color your hair. Henna powder is used to prepare a henna paste, and with other ingredients to apply on hair. Therefore, Henna gives several benefits for the hair, including neutralizing dandruff, scalp nutrition, and increasing hair growth.

Benefits Of Henna For Hair

For past years, women using this scented herbal plant’s magical features to beautify their looks. Before applying henna to hair, make your hair is oil-free. Putting the henna mixture to hair and an oiled scalp may not provide the desired outcomes. Include some of the following surprising benefits of applying henna powder for your hair.

Increases Hair Growth

The natural features of henna can stimulate the growth of hair. Henna powder can be used to produce an essential oil that can promote hair growth. Directly gingelly oil and henna powder heat for about 10 minutes and apply this oil three times every week for best results.

Decreases Hair Fall

When we use this mixture along with mustard oil, it can be a very useful enzyme for hair fall. Boil some mustard oil and few henna leaves for about 7 to 8 minutes. Massage this oil into the hair twice a week to stop hair fall.

Natural Hair Dye

Henna is a safer agent for unnatural hair dyes that are complete of chemicals. It is an herbal plant and has no bleaching elements that can change the hair tone. You can prepare a mix of henna powder, honey, and egg and soak these items in an iron bowl for a deeper color. Be sure to put this mix only on the hair strands.

Repair Splitting

Dry and spoiled hair are usually sensitive about split edges which can additionally damage the hair. Prepare a mixture of henna powder with an egg, and addition of avocado oil and add some water if it is thick. Apply this mixture of henna for hair and wash with warm water.

Controls ph Balance

Henna can help to heal the natural acidic balance of the scalp by keeping clear of bacteria, fungus or dandruff, and thus stopping hair loss. It may also support in removing oil and dirt from the scalp keeping the hair healthy.

Makes Hair Soft

Blend a crushed banana with henna and soak overnight in water to form a thick paste. This banana-henna conditioner can be a relief for your regular conditioner. Apply this mixture to the hair, and keep it for 15 minutes.

How to apply henna mixture for hair

Many people may generally ask how to use henna or how to mix henna. Applying henna to hair can be slightly messy. But you should take simple applications to avoid dyeing your forehead, ears, and surroundings. Therefore, assure you to prepare the henna mask well in progress. You can follow the suggested steps to apply henna to hair:

Apply coconut oil

Apply coconut oil, body butter on your forehead, neck, and ears, before starting. Put the henna pack on your head to avoid the hair from spot marks and also use a headband to protect your face.

Shampoo your hair

Before using henna for hair, you need to wash your hair because henna to penetrate the roots correctly. Straighten your hair with a comb to get rid of all the twists and tangles.

Prepare the henna pack

Prepare the henna properly with the selected ingredients like tea decoction, coconut milk, mashed banana, curd, etc. Make the paste is smooth with no bumps.

Apply henna

You want to wear rubber gloves or protect your hands with a plastic cover to apply on hair to avoid spoiling them. Be assured to cover the pack evenly, not forgetting any hair strands.

Cover the entire head

Make assured that henna for hair does not leave excuse any area and suitably cover the complete head including hair on the neck region or at the forehead.