It’s Time For Best Breathing Exercises To Reduce Stress Levels


Good health does not mean only physical health but also mental health. In this busy world, there will be many tensions, depressions, and stress-related to your work, health, family, and many more. Stress is a state of being tension or worry about the issues that happen in your life. They may be related to work, family, etc. Stress not only affects your mood, energy levels, relationships, work efficiency but also increase the risk factors of health issues. Many psychiatrists help to reduce stress levels by counseling, medication, and exercise. Apart from these, there are many best breathing exercises to reduce stress levels without going to a doctor.

Statistical Survey About Stress levels in Different Age Groups

Recently many health organizations have done surveys, to know about the stress levels in different age groups. And the results are quite shocking to digest. We observe that the people belonging to the age group of 18 to 34 suffer more from stress. Stress levels have a less impact on senior citizens that is from 65 and above. Here is a bar graph showing a clear picture of the survey.

To overcome, we have some best breathing exercises for stress relief. Many people have tried these at home and have noticed the change in them.

Best Breathing Exercises To Reduce Stress Levels:

To overcome stress by breathing exercises is an important task. It is known as stress management by breathing exercises.

1. Equal Breathing:

Sit straight on the mat with your body stiff like a stick and close your eyes. Try to focus on the center point of your mind. Take a deep breath (inhale) through the nose and start a count of five in your brain. And then exhale through the nose matching the same count of five. Increase the count from five to six in the next round. Try to repeat this process until you reach the count of ten. This equal breathing helps, too calm your mind and reduce anxiety. It also shows a good impact on the diaphragm, dome-shaped muscles near the lungs that helps in proper breathing.

2. Alternative Nostril Breathing:

The second best breathing exercises to reduce stress is alternate nostril breathing. Alternate nostril breathing is similar to Equal breathing with very few changes. Firstly sit on the mat or floor straightly with your spinal cord straight. Place your left hand on your thigh and fold your index, little and middle finger into the palm. Using your right-hand thumb finger, close your right nostril gently and inhale through the left beak. Again block your left nostril and exhale through the right one. Repeat the same technique by closing your left nostril with the ring finger.

3. Three-part Breathing:

The name itself that it is a count of three. To start this best breathing exercises to reduce stress, sit on the floor with your back straight like a rod. Begin by inhaling three short breathes through your nose. Make sure that your inhales should not be forced or hard. Now wait a moment, and then release with one deep exhale through your nose or nose. Now vice-versa. Inhale through your nose, wait a moment, and release through your nose or mouth in three consecutive steps slowly. Repeat the same steps for about 10 minutes. Three-part breathing helps to get a good sleep, control anger and helps to maintain peace in mind.

4. Abdominal Breathing:

One of the best breathing exercises to reduce stress. The other name for abdominal breathing is Diaphragmatic breathing. Lie down on a mat in a comfortable position. Leave your body free without holding anything. Place your hand on your chest and your left hand on the stomach. Take a deep breath through nostrils such that your lungs get perfect stretch and your diaphragm is full of air. Ensure not to raise your chest. This abdominal breathing mainly focuses on mental relaxation, cope up with stress symptoms. It also lowers heart risks and blood pressure.

5. Lion’s Breathing:

Sit in a straight position on the keens. Take a deep breath through the nose, stretching your lungs. The best breathing exercises to reduce stress starts by exhaling through the mouth. Opening the mouth broad and stretching the jaw with an “Ahhh” sound. Repeat this for a few minutes. It stretches all our face muscles, provides relief from tension, boot s your energy levels, and enhance your confidence levels.

6. Progressive Relaxation:

If you want to get relaxed from head to toe, this is the best exercise to practice. Sleep on the mat in a comfortable position with closed eyes. Take a deep breath through and start relaxing all your body parts, starting from toes to till your brain. Now while exhaling, relax your body from the brain to toes. It helps to get rid of muscle tension, reduces blood pressure, etc. Thus, these are some of the best breathing exercises to reduce stress levels at home without any medication.

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