Lose Weight through Small Changes

Benefits of Diet

When the time comes to discuss personal health, we wants to lose weight through small changes in many cases, people become emotional because they know they have to change some behaviors in their lifestyle. But who says emotions also said … impassivity.


You may already have had this feeling of wanting to change your lifestyle (physical activity, healthy eating and / or weight loss) in record time. For my part, when I weighed 452 lbs, whenever I decide to change under the influence of impulsivity, I gave up after a few weeks, because the shock was too hard to bear.


Over time, I discovered that the adoption of a healthy lifestyle and active comes first with small changes to lifestyle. Here is the count of four behaviors that I have changed and that allowed me to move slowly but surely.


Move …. everywhere!


Whenever I get the chance, I parked as far away from my destination to walk a little more. Also, I would swap the elevator for the stairs.


Find out more: A person who works at the 5th floor of an office tower and decides to take the stairs lose 7 lbs on average over a year and gain muscle tone.


Soft pedal on extras


We are talking about fatty foods that do not necessarily give more taste and contain a lot of calories. Before, I was eating toast with butter and peanut butter. Now, I select one or the other, but never 2. Same for sandwiches. Honestly, if you add mayonnaise, olive oil and cheese, I’m not sure you’ll be able to taste all the food. However, your body will assimilate them anyway.


Find out more: A person who cuts the butter on his toast in the morning will lose an average of 13 lbs in a year and will have their cholesterol levels decreased.


energy density


When I started getting interested in nutrition, the concept that most fascinated me was that the energy density (the amount of calories per cubic centimeter of a food). That’s when I realized that fruits and vegetables were my best friends. In addition to being full of vitamins, they are low in calories.


Find out more: If you go to the creamer and opt for a type of product “whirlwind” (ice cream mixed with chocolate and / or other treats), you have to eat eight apples, broccoli 19 or 8 bags small cores to obtain the same number of calories.


Find substitutes


Let it be said, in the evening, we often eat out of habit, not hunger. This is usually an impulse force to snack on. Instead of consuming potato chips or candy, opt for low calorie snacks like rice cakes, raw vegetables or Greek yogurt. You will have a feeling of satiety and you will not be plagued by guilt.