Low Glycemic Index Diets

    Low glycemic index diets

    Low glycemic index diets

    Very often we have an urgent need for something sweet, your body asks us something to sate us and give us energy because it felt like a letdown after a few hours have passed since the last meal.

    That is because the blood glucose has fallen to levels that would force the body to find other metabolic routes to manufacture, but as we usually use, it asks us through hunger, a new intake of sugar.

    Therefore, dietary glycemic index finds its rationale, since it is based on carbohydrates, but trying to find those that provide a lower glycemic index, that index does not generate high peaks of glucose, but glucose provided for foods with low glycemic index is released more slowly.

    For this reason, white bread, potatoes, biscuits, not integral have little place in the diet as quickly increase blood sugar.

    With foods that are part of this type of diet, we feel satisfied.

    The glycemic index parameter arises in medical biochemistry and value to control the blood sugar of diabetics, but has been finding its nutritional application, as we will see.

    Foods are divided into three categories according to the glycemic index: high, medium or low, according a scale of 0-100, which assesses how quickly they raise blood glucose.

    • They are low glycemic index foods (55 and under): carrots, peas, beans, most fruits (except those mentioned in the other two sections, and watermelon), skim milk, humus, flour oats and peanuts (groundnuts).

    These are the foods that should be predominant part of this diet

    • Foods with a medium glycemic index (56-69) are: spaghetti, corn, raisins, ice cream, grapes and bananas.

    • Foods with a high glycemic index (70 or above) include crackers and generally all cookies, white bread rolls, baked white potatoes, white rice, white bread, and of course, sugary drinks .

    The only limitation is that this diet selectivity imposed on Carbohydrates: we have to keep controlled the glycemic index of each food we consume.

    It can be a bit confusing, since the GI value of each food is given separately, even if we eat food combinations, which is what we usually do, the GI value is modified. It is therefore important to try to combine greater IG carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats that slow the rate at which glucose enters the bloodstream.

    It is also true that there are foods with a high glycemic index which nevertheless are harmful because they contain many important nutrients.

    An example: parsnip has a higher glycemic index (52) that the vanilla cake, for example (42), and everyone will agree that it is much healthier to eat first.

    Another problem that arises is that this diet does not provide information on other types of food (no carbs).

    Therefore, it is a diet that depends solely on you to carry it out as correctly as possible.

    Plus they have to figure out how to combine certain foods so that the result of the glycemic index is not altered because combining a high GI carbohydrate with protein and fat can vary the alleged amount of sugar in blood.

    As for the shopping and cooking time, need not vary from your usual routine, but must look for ingredients with low GI.

    There are some programs like Nutrisystem, which can help you decide on some foods

    It is a diet, on the other hand, does not require meetings with other people, and in the exercise, its effectiveness does not depend on him, so he is not part of your routine.

    Other factors to consider are that:

    A healthy diet involves more than simply glycemic control as extreme approaches can lead malnutriciones by neglecting other necessary elements such as fat or protein and vitamins and minerals.

    Moreover, although it is a diet that will continue for yourself and not have a counselor available at all times to resolve doubts, however you can get ideas for meals and menus in books like “The Glucose Revolution”.

    In any case, decide whether or not to carry it out, proper adjustment to it certainly will benefit tremendously, as you can see if you have the patience to try.