Main Dietary Advice



    Main Dietary Advice

    It is important to eat everything but in moderation, knowing that we have specific needs to be met, therefore we must consume:

    A dairy product at each meal, to meet our calcium needs (role in ossification, muscle contraction)

    A starchy food at each meal needed to avoid cravings (bread, cereal, pasta, rice, potatoes, pulses …)

    A raw or cooked vegetable at each meal and 2-3 fruits per day for their fiber, vitamins and minerals. More vegetables provide few calories for a large volume

    A meat, fish or eggs 1 to 2 times per day to provide essential proteins for the manufacture of muscle tissue between different

    Contents of fat in each meal but in limited quantities (always preferring an oil cooking), necessary for the functioning of the nervous system

    Water with each meal and outside !! only essential drink to meet our ongoing water loss

    Fried foods, fatty foods, meats and sugary foods should be eaten in limited quantities and at a rate of once or twice a week, to avoid unbalancing food and gain weight but also to avoid the excess of cholesterol and “bad fats”.

    A balanced diet we need to combine good habits of life, ie a healthy diet:
    – No tobacco
    – Moderate alcohol intake
    – Avoid sodas and other sugary drinks
    – Regular meals and quiet
    – Varying the supply !!!!!