Meat Recipes – Made at Home


Meat is generally the flesh of animals. This meat is categorized into three white meat, red meat and processed meat. The white meat comes from chicken, duck, and turkey. The red meat comes from a goat, beef, and pork. The processed meat comes from bacon, hot dogs and sausage. After that processed meat is added with flavors to enhance the flavor. Totally meat recipes are helpful for the strength of bones and muscles and boost the immunity of a person. It is also a complete protein food.

List of Homemade Meat Recipes

Meat Sauce

Here we combine plenty of meat, aromatic spices, and seasonings! One simple technique that guarantees juicy results all the time. Rich, dark and rich flavored. In addition, combine a quick sauce that’s deliciously tangy on any pasta and spaghetti. This traditional meat recipe takes several hours to prepare. For a satisfying supper, serve with fresh herbs and steamed broccolini. Therefore tangy sauce is incredibly tasty on grilled chicken or salmon as well. This non-veg recipe is inexpensive and healthful.


Heavy on exotic spices? Don’t worry! Just a bit of spiciness adds lots of flavor to the meat. These succulent meatballs can be best served with rich tomato sauce or simply with a toothpick. It can also be cooked in a mildly tangy tomato sauce. However, you could also serve these meatballs over brown rice, pasta or spaghetti on the side.

This bite-size load-and-go recipe must be placed to the kids’ appetizer menu. This protein food is fun and everyone can eat more. Therefore it is a quick homemade meat recipe. After that Keep the meatballs moist and serve hot to taste better.

Lamb Chops With Peas And Mint

A great complement for the lamb. The tried-and-true combination of lamb and peas recipe takes the idea to the new heights. This stew is boldly flavored with a blend of spices like cinnamon, cumin, cloves and many more. Therefore richly flavored green peas are mashed and seasoned with mint. In conclusion, you can turn up the heat with a crushed red pepper if you like it spicy.

Round out the meat recipe with some whole-wheat bread or brown rice. The lamb tenderizes beautifully as a pleasingly dark sauce when cooked in a slow cooker. After that drizzle some olive oil and a splash of lemon juice. It melts in your mouth.

Meat Pie

Cute, satisfying and delicious too! An easy-to-make dish. Traditionally meat pie recipes are mostly made with lean ground lamb. This meat recipe is bulked up with plenty of shredded veggies. In other words, a classic dish is rich with spices. This dish is also a perfect way to create an elegant second meal at breakfast or brunch. Topped with flaky puff pastry made with butter and stuffed with a filling of seasoned mince-meat. Therefore perfectly sized servings help you get it on the table fast.

Smoky Turkey Meatloaf

The flavors of spices turn meatloaf into something more than the usual. This recipe is versatile and good enough to feed a big group. The ground turkey has a higher percentage of healthy unsaturated fat. To improve the standards of this meat recipe, add zucchini and lots of spices. You can serve any leftovers with extra ketchup as meatloaf burgers or sandwiches. It is also a special occasion main dish. This healthy low calorie shredded zucchini keeps the turkey moist and the flavor gets a boost from the touch of smoked paprika. This non-veg recipe is very filling and delicious.

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