Meditation for Beginners


Meditation, this is a habitual process where we can train you to control your mind. By using meditation, we can redirect the thoughts also. It helps us to lead a peaceful life. By medication, we can develop our concentration and reduce our stress. It is also one of the stress management technique. We can know the positives and negatives of ourselves that means analyze ourselves with the psychology of meditation. Different types of meditation are available.

Types of Meditation:

Metta Meditation:

It is also known as Love and Kindness Meditation. The main goal of this type of meditation is showing kindness and attitude of love towards everything it may be a human being or the work which give the stress to us.
In this meditation, breathing operations send positive messages about those particular things into the brain. The practitioner will do the sending of messages to the brain and this continues until they become calm. It can help those who feel anxiety and frustration. It helps to increase positive emotions and thoughts.

Progressive Relaxation:

It is also called a body scan. In this meditation, the practitioner scans the entire body. Generally, the practitioner starts scanning from one endpoint to another ends point by starting from feet. While scanning the body, the person feels visualization wave on the body. This is best to relax your mind for removing tension. Progressive relaxation develops the calmness of the practitioner.

Mindfulness Meditation:

This is one of the kinds of meditation technique. Generally, we think about the past or future of our life when we close our eyes. While we are doing other types of meditation we concentrate on breath-in and breath-out operations. But in this mindfulness meditation, we analyze the surroundings by observing the sounds, smells, etc while closing our eyes.
We can do this meditation where ever we want. For example, we can do this meditation in a line at a grocery shop. It helps us to improve our memory and focus.

Breath Awareness Meditation:

In this meditation, the practitioner only focuses on the breath. The practitioner does the breath-in and breath out operations fast and slow.
People who want to reduce their anxiety and improve concentration will do this breath awareness meditation. It will also improve emotional flexibility.

Transcendental Meditation:

This is one of the types of meditation technique. In this type, the practitioner seats in a position and slowly do the breath in breath out operations. In this meditation, the practitioner focuses on a mantra or repeat the words. This mantra is given by trainers to the practitioners based on the birth year of the practitioners and other complex factors. It improves the spiritual and mental ability of the practitioner.

Zen Meditation:

This style of meditation is part of Buddhist practice. Generally, this Zen meditation practice under the guidance because it has some specific steps and postures.
It is the same as mindfulness meditation. Here also we observe the surroundings and analyze those surroundings. It also improves brain power and develops concentration.

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