Millet Benefits | Different Types Of Millets Benefits Our Health


About millets

Millets are highly nutritionist food. Millet benefits most of the nutrients in our daily foods. Almost these grains are used among 6000 years ago. They don’t need to pump water and fertilize for the growth, they can grow by rain. These grains are more ideal for diabetic patients instead of taking rice.

There are different types of millets some are no need to be furnished and some millets should be processed after harvest. We can name them as naked and husked grains. Sorghum, finger, and pearl are more popular in our country. Before using of husked grain they need to be cleaned and processed. They digest slowly and these grains don’t have an excessive amount of sugar. That’s why they are good for diabetic people. These grains are grown in warm weather. We can see these fields in India and Africa.

Millet recipes

By using millets we can do different types of tiffins and snack items. Idly is the most common breakfast used in south India. If you want good health makes those idly’s with millets. You can see millet benefits from these recipes. In the market, you can find n number of products that are made by millets.

Pongal Recipe:

  • Dal – ½ cup
  • Foxtail – 1 cup
  • Jaggery – ¾ cup
  • Nuts – as required
  • Ghee – 2 tbsp
Preparation of Pongal Recipe:

Soak millets for a minimum 2 hrs, some of the millets are taken more time for a soak. Wash 3-4 times dal and millets separately. Add ½ of dal to 1 ½ cup of water and cook for at least 15 minutes. Now add foxtail to dal and cook it for 30 min. After some time add jaggery to dal and millets then cook it for time. Moreover, fry the nuts with 1 tbsp of ghee. Take it in a bowl and garnish with nuts and add another 1 tbsp of ghee on it.


  • ¼ cup ragi flour
  • ¼ cup jowar flour
  • ½ cup oats powder
  • ½ cup wheat flour
  • Water as required
  • Oil as required

Grind a ½ cup of oats and add water to this powder, stir well to break up lumps. Add wheat, jowar and ragi flour to the mixture, soak for 5 min. Add some oil to the mixture and kept in cloth for 30min at least. Using flour make roti’s don’t put more pressure on it. Take a wet cloth and push the roti towards the pan, do it on both sides. Heat them till they change to brown color. Serve them in plates with any veg curry, you can use these for 2 days. Make them microwave for 5 min before you eat.

Millets Biryani:

  • One cup of millets
  • Chopped vegetables like onions, peas, beans, carrot, and potatoes.
  • 1 tsp ghee or oil
  • Mint as required
  • Salt
  • Pulao spices
  • Ginger

Soak millets in warm water for 2 hrs. Take a pan and fry those pulao spices with ghee till you get the aroma. Add ginger and vegetables to loose raw in it. Pour some water and salt how much it needs. Cook it for the boiling stage. Now add millets to the boiling water after draining the water in millets. Cook it in medium flame till evaporates the water in a pan and off the stove. Wait for 10 min and serve with any curry.

Millet benefits for Health:

In 100 grams of millets, you can get up to 400 calories of energy. It contains 80 percent of carbohydrates, 12 percent of protein and 8 percent of fat.

Cure Heart Diseases:

Cholesterol is the more dangerous cause of heart problems. If we controlled on our diet it won’t go for surgery otherwise, we have to face severe problems. Millets can control the fat content and reduces the excess of sugar in the blood.

Cure asthma:

Millets diet can reduce the severity of asthma and the frequency of migraines.

Prevent Diabetes:

Diabetic patients have some digestion of food and the mixing of sugar in the blood. It contains a good amount of magnesium which helps to produce insulin and prevents diabetes.


In our body, some culprits produce unwanted acids that may cause cancer. Millets contain selenium, quercetin and pantothenic acid which are a help to prevent the cancer cells. These are some millet benefits.