Want to Lose Weight?


Want to lose weight? The elliptical trainer is your friend

It’s very simple, you go up top and a movement (intuitive), you’re living in your body simultaneously experience pedaling, stepper, jogging and rowing. Simple as any so for a multitude of benefits ranging from weight loss to muscle building, through cardio.


  1. A program to lose weight with the elliptical

Want to lose weight? If you rebalanced your diet, some exercise will help you to melt and strengthen your body. And to do that, the elliptical is your ally. As he seeks 80% of your muscles, the effort is distributed throughout your body and you do not suffer. Yes, finally a sport that does not hurt everywhere! And as the pedaling motion of the arm and leg burns a lot of calories you money (almost) visibly. Depending on the setting in the machine, you can lose up to 700 calories per hour.

Another advantage for those who want to lose weight: the elliptical helps tone muscles without making them take volume.


Here is a slimming program with the elliptical, you reproduiras if possible 3 times a week if you want quick results. The session lasts 45 minutes (but you can start with 30-minute sessions you if it seems too difficult).

  1. You Heated you 10 minutes at low speed
  2. You accelerate (and augmented intensity) slowly for 25 minutes. You must not be too “thoroughly”. The good benchmark? You must be able to talk without being breathless.
  3. You slowed during the last 5 minutes
  4. And of course, you do not forget to drink or stretch you to avoid the aches!


When? The advantage of the elliptical trainer is that you can have one at home. So unlike some other sports that necessarily require to go to room, you can put you there anytime. In particular, to burn fat in the morning on an empty stomach, it is ideal!


  1. An anti-cellulite program with the elliptical

If you want to get rid of your flabby thighs, the elliptical, once again, is there for you. Finally, if you work diligently because it does not erase cellulite in one session.


For anti-cellulite program, you entrain eras you about 30 minutes 3 times a week, pedaling slowly with a very hard resistance (you should feel support at every step) and helping you as little as possible of your arm.


  1. A program to slim thighs and arms muscles with the elliptical

If your goal is to refine your thighs and buttocks while building up your body, again, the elliptical can come to your rescue. Combining stamina to burn calories, so fat, and concentrating the effort on your arms, you will lose weight while building up your body. So double benefit!


For this, you will use removable handles elliptical. Either by pulling the back and biceps muscles, or pushing them to tone your chest and triceps. And sessions of 30 to 45 minutes 3 times per week.


Tips: Of course, as with all sports, if you suffer from a medical condition (heart, back or knee, for example), talk to your doctor before you start on an elliptical.