Nutrition Foods For Exercise To Eat Before And After Exercise


Nutrition foods for exercise give the best results for the body. Can we do exercises on an empty stomach is it good for health? Exercise helps everyone to be active and energetic all day. At the same time, we have to prefer nutritious foods before and after doing the exercises. What you have to eat for your next workout? Eating the right food can help to energize your fitness level. You have to eat lean protein, heart-healthy fats, quality carbs, and fluids. The muscles should get strength by eating carbohydrate foods like pasta, rice, fruits, bread, vegetables for more energy.

Nutrition Foods For Exercise

What food to eat before an exercise?


Bananas, one of the well-known fruits in the world. These are not only delicious but also contains nutrients and carbohydrates. Bananas are very useful and healthy fruits for workout activities. Mostly this fruit can be eaten before the exercise because the carbs present in bananas help to increase your fitness energy.


Oats are fully loaded with carbohydrates. These are full of fiber and slowly release carbs that keep you strong throughout the workout. The special benefit is it contains vitamin B that helps to convert carbohydrates into energy. Hence oats are one of the best nutritional foods for exercise to boost your fitness levels.

Dried fruits

Dried fruits are easily digestible because it contains simple carbohydrates. These are easily digestible and helps to increases your strength for the workouts. Berries, figs, pineapples, apricots are some of the good dried fruits that you can eat before an exercise. By eating these pre-workout foods before your workouts will give awesome results for your fitness activities.

Sweet potatoes

Glycogen levels will be dropped out after the workouts. Sweet potatoes help to restore the glycogen levels and slow release of carbohydrates helps to boost your strength. It supports your joints and also regulates your insulin levels. These protein molecules can decrease your inflammation and strengthens your muscles.

What foods to eat after an exercise?

Chocolate milk

Chocolate milk is one of the nutritious foods after a heavy workout. When compared to soft drinks and water low-fat chocolate milk is very helpful for your fitness activities. This boosts up your strength and keeps you the energetic entire day. The proteins present in chocolate milk can recover the muscles.


Pasta is one of the post-workout foods that contain so many health benefits for fitness activities. The workout people need carbohydrates and protein foods after their workouts. Pasta is a rich source of carbohydrates and proteins that promote your fitness levels and burns calories. Hence this food is very helpful after the workouts.

Rice cakes

Eating foods after workouts are really important to make the muscles stronger. Mixing chickpeas with rice will give great results for your workouts because these are rich in carbohydrates and proteins. These rice cakes are low in calories mainly used for good muscle building. Therefore rice cakes are slightly healthier foods for workouts.


Eggs are the best foods after workouts because of two reasons. The first one is these are a great source of proteins and the second one is it consists of many other nutrients. It helps to repair the body after heavy workouts. Amino acid leucine, vitamin B present in the eggs are very important for muscle gain.

All these foods are the best nutrition foods for exercise that contain carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats for good workouts. These are before and after exercise diet foods help to promote your fitness levels and also increases your energy.

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