Prevention of Dengue, Causes and Its Symptoms


How does Dengue occur?

Dengue virus is a quick developing pandemic-inclined viral infection in numerous pieces of the world. This flourishes in urban poor regions, rural areas, and the field yet additionally influence progressively rich regions in tropical and subtropical nations. Hence, Dengue fever is a sickness caused by a group of infections transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes and there is the prevention of dengue with many vaccinations.

These infections are identified with the diseases that reason West Nile disease and yellow fever. After many types of research are done on the disease Dengue and later came to know that it is from the age of 100 to 800 years ago. The dengue fever likely started in Africa or Southeast Asia and was then moved to different portions of the world through movement and exchange. The infection is otherwise called ‘breakbone fever’ because of its indications.

Causes of Dengue

Dengue fever is brought about by any four kinds of dengue infections spread by mosquitoes that flourish in and close human shelters. At the point when a mosquito bites an individual human, get infected with dengue. Therefore, the infection enters by the mosquito bite.

At this point when the contaminated mosquito bites someone else, the dengue virus will enter into the individual’s circulation system. And also it easily damages the whole body with the unpurified blood and makes down the platelet count. Some prevention of dengue tips are given by using them we can stay healthy. Causes of dengue are quite different which will affect the whole body and therefore the body doesn’t suppose to stay in any climatic conditions.

What are the Risk Factors for Dengue Fever?

Risk Factors

Variables put you at the more serious condition of dengue fever which destroys the whole body. A frequently advanced type of infection include the following risk factors:

Living or Travelling in Tropical Areas

Staying in the mountains and hilly regions the people can affect by the dengue easily. In other words, infection of dengue will be expanded from one to one and it may cause death.
Particularly high-chance regions are Southeast Asia, the western Pacific islands, Latin America and the Caribbean. Hence, traveling during the rainy season is the time to get affected by the dengue.

Prior infection with a dengue fever virus

An individual he/she influenced by the dengue before in the past. What’s more, again they are contaminated by the dengue may have a severe condition and immediate demise will happen. However, there is no expectation that the influenced individuals will get by this world without taking the drug. Even though he/she takes all the prevention of dengue they can’t survive.

Prevention of Dengue

  • Prevent dengue by circumventing mosquito bites.
  • One dengue virus vaccine, Dengvaxia, is currently recommended for use in the ages 9 to 45 who exist in regions with a high rate of dengue fever. Similarly, for 12 months the vaccination will be done 3 times to avoid the dengue. Dengvaxia blocks dengue infections are lightly more than half the time.
  • The vaccination should be given to children only. Because if the vaccination is injected to the younger people, they may have a high risk of the fever. So, it increases the risk of the dengue infection and may be hospitalized after receiving the vaccination for two years.

Symptoms of Dengue Fever

Compared to normal diseases dengue virus is quite different and it has other symptoms which make us get in a shocking stage. There are some dengue prevention and control tips which help us to not get affected by the dengue fever. From all the Centers for Disease Control, dengue’s most normal side effects are:

Typical Symptoms
Dangerous Symptoms
High Fever
Severe Abdominal Pain
Severe Eyes Pains
Red Spots (or) Patches on Skin
Severe Headache
Persistent Vomiting
Joint Pains
Vomiting Blood
Muscles (or) Bone Pain
Black, Tarry Stools
Easy Bruising, Mild Nose or Gum Bleeding
Pale, Cold or Clammy Skin
Low White Blood Cell Count
Difficulty Breathing

Above all, the infection can indicate side effects rapidly. Fever, migraine, joint pain and bleeding can keep going for as long as seven days.


On the off chance that serious, dengue fever can harm the lungs, liver or heart. Pulse can also drop to dangerous levels, causing shock and, at times, demise.

Incubation Period

Here the time period of growing the infection in the body i.e., 3 to 14 days, commonly 4 to 7 days.

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