Pumps Ground


Everyone has already practiced this Pumps Ground exercise at least once, it’s a classic that can work across the bust.



He seeks mainly pectoralis major, anterior deltoid and triceps. Other muscles involved to maintain balance including the abdominals.


Running the exercise

Starting position on the floor, hands spacing greater than shoulder width. Get off the bust to graze the ground with the head, keeping the abs on. Return to starting position.


Inhale while lowering and exhale as you return to the starting position.


Safety Information

Keep the abdominal live during movement not to arch the lower back (cladding).



Several variants of this resistance exercise are possible. It is possible to:

Ask knees on the ground to make the least difficult. If you’re not able to do push-ups, this trick will facilitate the exercise and you can later move to the normal version.

Bringing hands for Triceps and inner chest (sternal part). Exercise is much more difficult and triceps are strained.

Elevate the legs to be more work on top of the chest. You can put your feet on a support

Do the exercise with one arm by spreading out the legs to maintain balance. This version is particularly difficult because all the weight is then based on one arm. Warm up with some long series of pumps before moving to version one arm