Short and Intense Exercises


Short and intense exercises
If one does not wish to extend the sports sessions, as well choose physical exercises in order to be effective.
It is most encouraging, less boring, and this allows them to take taste.
It is also quite possible to feel the benefits without too much time, provided you opt for sustained periods.
Pursuing each day a short session, but intense is also advise that some athletes, like the American triathlete Brian MacKenzie.
This type of training reduces aches and can acquire quality endurance.
The ideal is to practice the exercises at least 5 to 7 days.
Targeted exercises
Among the exercises to do in 5 minutes, it is highly recommended to practice those capable of causing loss of sufficient calories to fight against weight gain and keep a harmonious body.
This course also maintain his musculature, his breath and gain endurance.
For even faster results, 2 to 3 sessions of 5 minutes a day are recommended.

The following exercises are to be carried out alternately.

1.Use the stairs intensively up the steps one by one and two by two by accelerating the pace.

2.Practicing for abdominal exercises to maintain a toned stomach and lose a good proportion of the excess fat on the entire body.
These exercises are really effective if weights are used throughout the session.
It is important to vary the movement to make work the upper abs, lower, external, internal obliques and the rectus abdomen.

3.Perform sprints a short distance by observing periods of acceleration over a third of the distance traveled.
After a few weeks of practice, you can increase the exercise by weighting a belt.

4.Push-ups respecting the technique to avoid injury. It is important to maintain throughout the duration of the exercise an absolutely straight back position and a spacing of slightly upper arm to the middle part.
We do not arch the lower back and glutes contracted maximum and abs.
Attention to breathing: it should blow when pushing on the arms and exhale when we descend to the ground.

5.For tapered and buttocks concrete legs is performed – building on the back of a chair – half points and stretching backward one leg and then the other with flexion of the feet.
Lying position, it connects the side leg beats then the other.