Simple Cooking Tips For Housewives


What is Cooking?

Cooking or cookery is the art, science, technology, and craft of making food for eating. Become masters in cooking by using simple cooking tips. Cooking procedures and elements vary broadly over the world. Cooking food over an open fire to utilizing electric stoves to baking in various types of ovens, on different environmental, financial, and cultural beliefs and courses. There are different ways to cook, and every individual has their unique and own style in cooking. They implement their ideas and tips to cook for a good taste, which makes us fall in love with the dishes. These tips help us out, from many problems that raise during cooking.

General Cooking Tips:

  • Remove the layer and make onion into two shares and soak in a container of water for 15 minutes before cutting them into small pieces. This will protect you from hurting eyes and runny drops. These simple cooking tips will help to start their cooking life in the safest way.
  • Here is a general cooking tip that while rinsing the rice with water and get each rice grain separated after cooking. Use this simple cooking tip that washes the rice up to 4-5 times and adds 2-3 drops of lemon juice while cooking.
  • Many people are draining the water which comes from the boiled vegetables. But the fact is that water contains nutritional values. By using the Indian cooking tips and tricks use the boiled veggies water for making chapati’s or parathas or for making curry.
  • Eagerly waiting to eat the crispy french fries and tired of buying. So, decide to make at home and follow the general cooking tips. Firstly, deep fry the pieces until they half cooked and keep them in a container. Place the container in the freezer section of the refrigerator for 4-5 hours. Fry them deeply before serving and have a great snack with these easy cooking tips.
  • To strip the layer on the almond easily and quickly then follow the general cooking tips. Here is the tip that soaks the almond in hot water about 10-15 minutes before you are going to uncover them.
  • Before cooking the paneer curry once go through this basic cooking tips for beginners and taste the mouth-watering paneer dish. Dip the paneer in warm salt water which helps to soften the paneer. It helps to absorb the gravy easily and makes the curry very tasty.
  • To remove the green color added to the peas is a big problem. By using Indian cooking tips and tricks will help to get rid of this problem. Add sugar before boiling the peas to remove the color.
  • Removing the layer of tomatoes is a big problem. To avoid that follow the basic cooking tips for beginners, try it and peel the tomatoes. Cut the top of the tomatoes as in the shape X and boil it for 15 to 30 seconds in simmer. Now it is easy to peel the skin of tomatoes.
  • Puri is the favorite dish for many people. But preparing the puri is the toughest task, by using the simple cooking tips you can eat mouth-watering puri’s. Obtain crispier puris, by adding a small quantity of ravva to the wheat flour while mixing. This will helps to get the puri’s the way you love.
  • To get separate the noodles or small pasta, rinse it with the cold water after boiling them. This Indian cooking tips and tricks will help you to have tasty noodles or pasta.
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