Sinusitis Causes And Diet To Prevent Sinus Infections



Sinusitis is also known as a sinus infection. The sinus is small pockets present in the skull around eyes, nose, and forehead that are filled with mucus layers. The mucus layers will change the breathed air into moisture by catching the dust and microbes before reaching the lungs. A warm environment is perfect developing ground for bacteria and fungi. The problem arises when the mucous membrane gets damaged. So infections collapse the life in the pockets of your sinuses.

People with allergies can have fungal sinusitis. Sensitive sinus infection lasts three to eight weeks. Sinus Pockets are present at

  • The bony structure of cheeks.
  • Above eyebrows and on the forehead.
  • On either side of nose.
  • Behind nose and in front of the brain.

Sinus infection symptoms

Some of the symptoms for sinus include

  • Bad cold.
  • Pain in the face and behind your eyes.
  • A runny nose.
  • Hurting Throat.
  • Stuffy nose.
  • A headache.
  • Weakness.

Causes Of Sinus Infection

Some of the factors which cause sinusitis are as follows

  • Viruses: In grown-up people maximum of the cases of sinus results from a virus. Symptoms of viral sinus it generally lasts from seven to ten days.
  • Bacteria: In grown-up people, 1 in 10 will be affected by bacteria. Symptoms of bacterial sinus it generally lasts more than ten days.
  • Pollution: Chemicals and harmful gases in the air can cause mucus which leads to sinus.
  • Fungi: Due to fungi present in air allergic fungal sinusitis can affect.
  • Types Of Sinusitis

    Sinus infections always involve nasal swelling and generation of mucus, but there are different types of sinus

    • Acute sinusitis:
    • Acute sinus is mostly due to cold causing a viral infection. It is non harmful, acute sinus infection is common. Affects one among eight adults per year. Lasts from ten days to four weeks and is a most common type.

    • Subacute Sinusitis
    • The symptoms of subacute sinus last longer than the normal acute period. It lasts between four and twelve weeks of time.

    • Chronic Sinusitis
    • Chronic sinusitis is the most common and constant illness, which affect persons of all groups. It is an infectious process. Symptoms continuously return after 12 weeks. This needs good traffic.

    Foods To Add To Prevent Sinus Infection

    • Water
    • Take plenty of fresh and filtered water, Water is essential for the health of sinus infection. The body mostly depend on water to perform every function. When our body don’t get enough water, it will take water from unnecessary functions to keep essential things going on.

    • Pineapple
    • Pineapple is rich in antioxidants. Which protect the weak mucus membranes from free radical damage. The reactant in pineapple will break down the junk collected by sinus and reduce the sinus infection.

    • Turmeric
    • Turmeric contain antioxidants and anti infectious which heels fast, decrease in pain and reduce swelling. It also helps in reduction of allergies and sinus pain. It is usually combine in curry, with a little heat to easily clear and heal the sinus.

    • Coconut Oil
    • Coconut oil is very good at reducing infections, which also helps in killing bacteria, virus, and fungi. Also try oil pulling with a spoonful of coconut oil to clear germs from mouth.

    • Exercise
    • Exercise improves circulation of body fluids. which benefits the immune system, and increase in production of mucus. Rebounding and Skipping use gravity to help clear sinus infection.

    Prevention Steps For Sinus Infection

    • Inhale hot steam
    • Stay in hot water shower for sometime. Or bring hot water in a vessel place a cloth over your head and inhale the stream.

    • Sleep with your head raised
    • Keep your head elevated, so it can helps you to get sinus relief.

    • Use Bug Free covers
    • Keep your surface clean regularly, reduce the use of mess which traps dust, and use insect free covers on your mattresses.

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