Statements Overturned Legs


Here’s a great movement for your abdominal muscles and strengthen your bust. Statements overturned Legs at the bar can be made everywhere. No need for complicated machinery or weight machines, just a bar or a solid support to grip, and voila.

This resistance exercise will make you strong, but I must admit that it is quite difficult to do especially if you are a beginner. When I started spilled legs statements, I could not do 4 or 5 repetitions. But with practice, I could go up to 20 repetitions and my abs are hard as steel.


If we often advise completing his abdominal session with readings of classic legs, it is better to place the statement legs knocked at the beginning of the session because it is rather strong. You can do some crunch sets the body weight to prepare and warm up the abs and then bind directly over the year.

Start by doing 4 sets of 5 repetitions to body weight (4 * 5). If you validate the format, add more repetition at the next meeting (4 * 6) and so on.

It is possible to ballast the exercise using weights that fixed on the feet or a weight belt.



Legs statements overturned at the helm working the rectus abdominals and obliques. Back muscles, triceps and forearm (bar socket) are also involved. In fact, the first part of the movement looks like a sweater; we also find the sensations of an arm outstretched to draw back.


Running the exercise

Starting position with arms outstretched, hanging on the bar, and the motionless body. Mount the leg by flexing the hips and knees, while bringing the feet at the bar. Return to the starting position, braking downhill. More exercise is done slowly, both in the positive and negative phase of the movement, the greater the difficulty increases.


Breathe in the effort climbing legs and breathe by returning to the starting position.


Safety Information

Keep arms straight and do not bend your elbows.

Choose a good solid and stable support. A draw bar set between the stem between a door or between two walls not appropriate; it is not reliable. For simple statements legs, it can happen. But with the statements overturned legs, head down and feet in the air, it’s much too risky. We may end quadriplegic with a simple fall on the cervical …