Stay Optimistic – How Healthy Meals Lose Weight


How Healthy Meals Lose Weight

All too often when people are on a diet to lose weight, they focus so much on their bad habits that they end up feeling bad about themselves. It is occasional that someone is doing absolutely everything incorrect, so give yourself a break and put the focus on


Take a moment to sit with a pad and pen or a computer document and write down all the good habits you have, even if they are fairly new ones. For example, you might praise yourself for drinking adequate water every day, for taking your vitamins, for eating green vegetables. It doesn’t matter precisely what the list is, but rather how many things you can find in yourself that are positive regarding your health habits.


Now start another list, and on this one be perfectly honest about what food triggers tempt you to cheat on your diet. Is it sweets? Something creamy? Bread and pastries? Put down everything that is a problem area for you. Also be sure to think about your tactic to these foods. Do you see them as forbidden treats, and that you are being punished like a child, and therefore must avoid eating them? The more you can see them as an impersonal, neither good nor bad, the easier it will be to let them slip away from you.


However, if you put your courtesy on bad habits you’ve had over the years of dishonest on your diet by eating ice cream, then you are setting yourself up to think about ice cream to the point of fascination. You’ll feel that you are depressed. And it’s not amazing if your thoughts soon turn into activities and you end up eating ice cream, all the while feeling angry and confused about how it could happen when you didn’t intend to cheat.


By turning your old drawbacks around, you can change a statement such as “I always end up cheating on my diet by eating ice cream” into an improved expectation. Practice telling yourself positive declarations to replace the old negative attitude. Remind yourself frequently that you make good choices, that you eat healthy food, that you enjoy the energy you get from proper nutrition.


When you remove the power of your old negative habits, this allows you to become more fully integrated with your diet goals. You will feel rewarded by your healthier new body.Healthy Meals Lose Weight

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