Survival Guide for New Year Celebrations


Survival Guide for New Year Celebrations

Year-end holidays are undoubtedly part of the most difficult year to manage to train and eat healthy. It’s been two months since the stores are filled chocolates, sweets, fatty liver and other Yule logs have little place in a solid nutritional plan.

Many people want to make “resolutions” and allow all the follies for Christmas and the New Year. They then consume abundantly during this period, and promises made 31 evening being blurred on January 15, they end up with a few extra pounds.

Should depriving themselves of everything and to cut social world through this period?

Of course not! With a bit of moderation and good preparation it is quite possible to spend good times with family and friends, here are some tips

Do not some holy days, a month of abundance

With a little self-indulgence even it is very easy to get out of these few days ‘special’ without major damage. However, if the days turn into weeks or months it will not be the same! We must try to minimize the extent of the period during which extras will be consumed. An alternative is to stay on the principle of cheat-meal and let go once or twice a week during this period healthy eating the rest of the time.


Do not arrive hungry

Although this technique may seem effective, is not to eat the day to make up for the evening meal is not the best idea whatsoever. The few hundred calories saved might then be compensated by the double or triple if you arrive hungry to your evening.

Instead, eat as you normally focusing on fiber (vegetables, whole foods) that will materially sasiétogène effect and will better regulate appetite during the evening. A protein snack before the party can also be a good idea.


Doser quantities

It is important to have some fun and to relieve pressure during these periods. Provided moderation is the key. This rule is particularly true for all that concern the appetizers cakes and sweets. For the main course should be to divide your plate into three equal parts and fill with 1/3 meat, 1/3 and 1/3 starchy vegetables. Keep in mind that these last two will also allow better control appetite.

Pay attention to liquid calories

Alcoholic beverages may or may not contain a lot of calories “hidden”. Moreover dehydration and alcohol-related intoxication encourage overeating. It is advisable to drink water between each alcoholic drink if you drink, and to limit its total consumption 1-3 glasses of alcohol.

Continue training

It is not always easy to keep practicing during the holidays as long as it is not in either. This does not mean that it is impossible and it is even the opportunity to test new things. It can be such easy and quick to do a session of HIIT (high intensity training split). This requires no hardware, no time and give a boost to your metabolism.