The 5 Benefits of Diet Apple


The 5 Benefits of Diet by eating Apple

He consider the block as the queen of fruits no exaggeration, is a label that is well deserved thanks to its many beneficial properties for the body. If you decide to conduct besides apple diet to lose weight, which is the objective busca- have no doubt that improve your health.

Research has proven the power of the block to prevent and fight disease, these qualities lie in its particular composition of fiber, flavonoids and antioxidants, and the interaction of these. These fruits are also rich in pectin, a soluble fiber that controls the levels of cholesterol and other fats in the blood, making it ideal for overweight people. And perhaps most surprisingly been found on apples is that its antioxidants have anti-cancer effects.

See Below are five important properties of this fruit you confirm the advantages of the apple diet:

Doctors and specialists in various areas of health recommend eating apples to strengthen the immune system because of its high content of soluble fiber can accelerate recovery of immune cells, stimulating them to act as an anti-inflammatory mode.

Apples contain excellent natural antioxidants, chemicals that also stimulate natural immunity, while attacking the harmful effects of free radicals or harmful molecules for cellular health. This fruit is also a dose of glycine, an important component of the immune system, which also functions as a natural antacid.

Similarly, approximately 8 grams of vitamin C containing a medium apple, function as a natural antioxidant and favor the immune system.

We can cause a significant reduction in cardiovascular disease with only consume a greater amount of apples in our regular diet, this thanks to the flavonoids present in the fruit, which block the formation of clots and plaque in our arteries that progressively lead to disease heart.

A study at the University of Florida showed that regular consumption of apples causes a significant reduction in the levels of LDL, known as bad cholesterol. This protective effect is due to the cholesterol content of pectin, a carbohydrate part of the soluble fiber.

The apple is a major source of flavonoids and proanthocyanidins, two powerful antioxidants that inhibit the emergence and growth of cancer cells.

Eating an apple a day may reduce the chance of developing tumors caused by various cancers, according to research by a group of Italian oncologists. This study showed that consuming one or more apples a day the risk of some cancers, such as oral cancer, esophageal, colorectal, ovarian and prostate cancer is reduced.

The only recommendation for optimal benefit in preventing and combating cancerous conditions, is that the fruit be eaten washed and unpeeled, as it is in the skin of apples where the flavonoids.

The apple seed is also anti carcinogenic. In recent years there has been widespread use of apples seeds as a remedy for cancer. It is considered that these seeds have the following properties:

Attack bacterial and fungal infections those.
They are effective against internal parasites and worms.
Regulate high blood pressure.
Are antidepressant.
Confront nervous disorders.

Through various research scientists have confirmed that apple consumption contributes to the protection of bones, this thanks to a flavonoid called phloridzin, found only in these fruits, which can prevent the onset of osteoporosis especially postmenopausal women, by the increase in bone density. So if you add apples to your diet, you can delay the wear of bones or decalcification.

Besides boron and manganese, other ingredients are also found in apples, also strengthens bones.

5. PREVENT stroke
Today is an undeniable reality that the health of people is largely determined by the type of food it carries. A group of scientists in England found that adults could prevent cerebrovascular risk if they eat an apple every day, and even prevent many deaths produced by both cardiovascular events such as stroke.

‘to Get the benefits that we present in this article and “juicing” to this delicious fruit, you can convert the Diet Of Apple a habit, of course accompanied by a balanced diet.