The Alkaline Diet is Good


From the principle of acidification of the body produced by most processed foods commonly consumed and to counter these effects. It came to a light alkaline diet. Its popularity increases exponentially when Victoria Beckham tweets the excellence of a cookbook for this healthy diet in 2013. Since then, it remarkably popular among Hollywood celebrities who promote effectively in losing weight, evading obstacles like arthritis and even cancer.

How Does Alkaline Diet Principle Works

  • There is considerable controversy about it, and even produces some results, these are not due to the reasons given.
  • Recall that the pH is the parameter that measures how is somewhat acidic or basic: 7 being a neutral pH, the lower is more acidic and the higher (up to 14) is more alkaline.
  • Our stomach is very acidic (3.5 or less), while our blood is slightly alkaline (7.35 to 7.45). But in a very stable form the achieve by changes in the pH of the primary urine.
  • This alkaline diet intends to help our blood to remain stably alkaline. But that’s something our bodies do whenever you are healthy, naturally.
  • It is a homeostatic principle, therefore it is a somewhat doubtful case.
  • And the foods are part of this traditionally healthy diet itself is lots of fruit and vegetables, no sugar, avoid alcohol and processed foods.

Benefits for healthy diet

  • On the other hand, there is evidence that a diet with few acidifying foods such as animal protein, wheat(bread), many vegetables and fruits. That helps to avoid kidney stones and to improve heart health and brain function. It also seems to reduce the risk of colon cancer and type 2 diabetes, but suspicions remain.
  • Proponents of the alkaline diet argue that even acidifying foods produce a slight reduction in blood alkalinity only. Briefly, a continuous repetition of such aggression culminates in a permanent acidity.

Level of Effort

  • To implement properly we sacrifice much of our eating habits. Since, as we have seen, a lot of products are usually consume outside permit.
  • Consequently, we require a serious effort to successfully carry out this diet.
  • Everyone must learn to prepare and cook their meals using fresh foods.
  • Of course, not required to conduct any physical exercise to produce the results it promises.

What can and cannot eat for this vegetarian diet

  • Ban from this alkaline diet are dairy, meat, most grains, eggs, processed foods, canned foods and packaged snacks. It also banned alcohol and caffeine, according to the most specialized texts.
  • As for foods that promotes most vegetables and fruits, soy and tofu, seeds and legumes and only some types of nuts.

Are there any restrictions? Does this vary?

  • Since it is a predominantly vegetarian diet, there is no problem for them. Even vegans can incorporate as milk are also out.
  • It is additionally perfect for individuals who have issues with wheat gluten since it is prohibited.
  • It is also proper for those who have some food allergies because outlawing most foods that produce milk, corn, eggs, fish, shellfish, nuts.
  • Therefore, it is also good for those who want to avoid fat and sugar by doing alkaline diet.
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