The Circadian System


The Circadian System

We teach you anything by telling you that it is important to respect the circadian clock, ie its internal clock.

Unfortunately, work, stress or lack of time can sometimes prevent us from being in tune with our bodies.

So, we eat at no time and obviously our figure suffers the consequences.

This is where the Circadian slimming diet.

The circadian system, what is it?

This is more than a diet program.

It is a true lifestyle to adopt everyday.

It recommends paying attention to our internal clock and to be listening to a healthier lifestyle by being more attentive to our real needs.

The circadian system in practice

The circadian system is not really a diet.

It deprives us of any food.

He recommends only to vary their diet but especially to take meals at fixed times every day and especially not to neglect breakfast, considered the most important meal of the day and lighten the meal as and measurement as the day progresses.

Remember: a king of breakfast, lunch and a prince of a poor dinner.

Finally, the idea is to combine this new lifestyle with regular physical activity.

The advantages of the circadian system

Your lifestyle will be much better, and it will show on your curves!

Since your meals taken will be regulated, the benefits will be observable throughout your organization.

For example, you sleep better.

And unlike other slimming programs, the Circadian diet allows you to eat varied and is not at all restrictive.

The disadvantages of the circadian system

Unfortunately, when working, it is difficult to follow such a diet that requires us scrupulously respect the schedules of food ingestion.

The circadian system is for whom?

Only those who have the opportunity to meet the meal times can be fully satisfied with this slimming program.

Obviously, provided also have the time to do a sport