The Kitchen Vegetarian


I’m not a vegetarian but this healthy cuisine deserves to take more and more space in our menus and in our diet. Better health, more environmentally friendly and inexpensive, it takes more and more space and us, in times of crisis return to source makes sense.

It will launch a necessary advertising campaign for people to regain consciousness of the importance of this cuisine is based on what products the ground mainly the famous slogan eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day.

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Well, if you eat 5 is already very well! But a recent study published in March 2014, showed that eating 7 fruits and vegetables a day reduces the risk of death by 42% compared to a diet with one serving of fruit or vegetable a day. To achieve these results, doctors have used a health survey data (called Health Survey for England), which gave them access to the eating habits of about 65 000 people for 12 years (2001 to 2013).


Contrary to what you seem to think, vegetarian does not come from plants but from the Latin adjective “vegetus” meaning healthy.

The vegetarian diet would be the ideal diet to make the healthy individual. Excluding all cadaveric foods, this diet is very broad and can offer a lot of variety

Replacing meat with other food animals protidic: eggs, cheese, milk and dairy, or by protidic plants: mushrooms, legumes, grains, nuts. In this substitution, it can not be as benefits.

The value of vegetable plants is very interesting:

they both provide the calories (when they contain sugar and oil) as albumen.

Waste they leave are reduced mainly of cellulose, useful for the proper functioning of the intestine, with carbon dioxide and value, which are harmless; and very little of urea, if proteinic

Plants also provide such valuable vitamins, whose loss causes serious disorders: deficiency diseases. Finally, another advantage, plants deteriorate less rapidly than animal feed; Products of this alteration, moreover, are less hazardous than ptomaines formed in animal tissues.

Vegetables bought wisely, even in the season when they are rare, require spending money less than required an equivalent piece of meat to the point of view nutritious. And just think of the huge variety of vegetables and products produced by the soil, for recognizing that a system of this kind should not bored

If one does exactly as butter, cheese, eggs, dairy products, honey are nutritious food, it is understood to be afraid that vegetarian diets really interest

It should then gradually decrease the amount of meat that’s used the body and replace it with equivalent amounts of nitrogen, animal or plant foods. At fournissants workers efforts nĂ©cessitants a large expenditure of physical strength, the vegetarian diet will only work if it appreciates dairy products, cheese and eggs. Otherwise, it will be difficult to impose such a scheme

Given culinary point, There are a few rules to observe, for perhaps preparing a little longer and a little more complicated dishes.

Certainly a steak is cooked faster and faster presented a pea puree, but this one, well prepared, is healthier and more economical.

We banish vegetarian, fish, ham. Fats such as margarine. Meat extracts are also prohibited. But there is still oil and vegetable fats, cream, pure butter. And these are foods and condiments that provide prepared meals, combined with an interesting nutritional value, flavor appreciable

It is sometimes embarrassed pure combine the seasons or occasions, vegetarian menus.

For information, here are some menus there are some recipes on the site, others will follow … ..