The Lemon Detox Plan in one Alone!


The lemon detox plan, what is it?

The lemon is the citrus star who are ready miraculous virtues since the dawn of time …

Used there for centuries as a poison remedy, today it is eaten as food detox and it is a true ally in slimming programs.

An important ally since there even a slimming program based around him!

So this famous lemon diet detox diet also known that takes advantage of all the benefits of citrus for a single purpose: to lose weight.

With its fat-burning properties, simply include it in their diet (which must remain healthy and balanced) for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

The lemon diet: the key steps

– First step: it removes toxins

Lemon is a cleansing for the body.

So we dedicate a day to the consumption of natural products and drink! Water, herbal teas and lemonade it will be imperative to consume every morning at sunrise!

– Step 2: we forget the sugar and boosts its energy

Sugar is the enemy of our curves.

So, it minimizes its consumption.

But reduced does not mean stop.

To be fit and have energy, it is essential to consume fruits, especially citrus fruits (which contain the “good” sugar) and also eat cabbage, fennel, broccoli, peppers etc.

Calorie intake of these vegetables are low, which will promote weight loss.

The lemon diet: the most and least

The good side of the detox diet is that eating lemon boosts the body and drains from the inside.

Starting the day with a large glass of lemonade (to promote detox) and continuing by eating low-calorie vegetables, you can expect to lose about 500 gr the day after your first day of diet!