The Shelton Diet


Shelton diet, what’s that?

Losing weight is a concern for most women, especially when the sun begins to point the tip of its radius. But when you love to eat and we got used to enjoy hearty meals, the prospect of a restrictive diet may seem depressing. But that was before the Shelton diet.

Established in 1951, the Shelton diet is named after its inventor, and hygienist naturopath McGolphin Herbert Shelton who has published a book on his method to lose weight: “Combining food becomes easy.” Based on the same principle as the differentiated regimes, Shelton diet states that every meal should be devoted to a food category. According to the method, each food eaten alone would not make you fat. This would be the food combinations that cause weight gain.


7 golden rules of Shelton regime

As with differentiated plans, the Shelton diet allows only one type of food, an unlimited amount not meals. Nevertheless, the Shelton diet is a little more complicated than it seems. These seven golden rules simply summarize the Shelton method.



Vegetables can be combined with proteins or starches. But they can not be eaten with proteins. Fruit, in turn must be enjoyed only.


The weather:

Meals should be spaced a certain number of hours according to their compositions. Thus, after a meal of protein, you should wait four hours before serving his next meal of fruits or starches.

If the meal was made of fruit, only two hours of waiting are needed before making his next meal. However, if your meal was rich in protein, carbohydrates and fat included, you must wait seven hours before consuming the next.



All fruits can not be eaten together on the Shelton diet. The so-called neutral fruit should be enjoyed with acidic fruits. However, the lemon, which is nevertheless considered acidic, shall be consumed with protein. In contrast, the melon should not be combined with any other foodstuff.



The case of vegetables is simpler than as fruit should not be eaten with proteins or starches.


Dairy products

In general, dairy products should be avoided in the Shelton diet. Indeed, they slow down digestion.



For a pleasant change, juices are a good option. However, they should not be mixed. Thus, fruit juice must not be consumed with fruit. And those of vegetables with protein, carbohydrates and vegetables.



Alcoholic drinks, very sweet and low in vitamins, should be avoided but this applies to the vast majority of the plans. Water is the drink of choice.


The benefits of the scheme Shelton

If meals seem complicated to achieve because of the exponential number of combinations, they are no less plentiful. In fact, the greedy retain the impression of having done a good generous meals without realizing the low calorie intake of their portions. Moreover, the feeling of hunger is limited since the quantities, they do not.


The disadvantages of the system Shelton

Its complexity is likely to discourage many. When we are hungry, we did not really want to think about food combinations.

Moreover, the Shelton diet is likely to be monotonous. Indeed, we quickly made the rounds of fruits and vegetables. Especially since you can not mix all the food together.

The Shelton method has never been endorsed by the medical and scientific community. Indeed, effectiveness or risk to health remain a mystery. However, as with any low calorie diet, there is a risk of deficiency, including calcium as dairy products are somewhat prohibited.