The Roller Massage to Combat the Aches


Roller Massage are becoming increasingly popular, especially among athletes as office workers to unwind muscle tension. One study showed that participants who use a massage roller before physical activity feel less tired afterwards.

You want to increase the duration or intensity of your exercise, your muscles but you prevent? There is an inexpensive home solution that can do it yourself.


Is that the massage rollers are used to apply pressure to the deep tissues and thus obtain a myofascial release by unwinding the muscles. Moreover, according to a 2014 study in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, the use of a massage roller after training can also help you reduce muscle pain, unlike stretching.


“The use of a massage roller can act as a pain inhibitor” says co-author of the study, David G. Behm, Memorial University. Minimizing your body aches, you will feel so ready to be active soon.


How to use? Lie on the roller and roll your body on the surface of the roller massage. When you arrive on the tense and sore areas such as hips, back, buttocks and outer thighs, you can control the level of pressure while massaging and relaxing your muscles.


“It works for me!”


I regularly use a massage roller. I even brought with me during a car trip of 8 days with my fiance. Sit for long hours in a car stiffen the muscles, especially in the hips and buttocks,. I massaged my buttocks and hips muscles on my massage roller each evening and it really helped to decrease the pain!

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