Healthy Food Choices – Super Shake


Healthy Food Choices – Super Shake

When I started bodybuilding, I could not make an ounce of muscle (Ectomorph). I researched the “good” program … until I realized it was my nutrition that kept me thin. I was not eating enough, not quite often and I lacked essential nutrients.

We know we should eat a minimum of 5-6 meals per day in weight gain, but this is often difficult. The good news: You can drink 1 or 2 in the form of Super Shakes.

Unfortunately, Shakes pre-prepared (boxed or canned) and those juice bars are often not much better than the chocolate milkshakes fastfood (full of sugar and bad fats).


Shakes water / protein powder may be good to add protein to the counter … But they lack health calories, fiber, good fats, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants needed for a healthy and muscular body .


The solution? The Super Shake!


How to make a Super Shake?

Today I will show you a system in 7 steps to transform your Super Shake Shake, delicious and full of nutrients. I have time to prepare and wash everything in 15 seconds. So no excuses!


You will need a blender: A Magic Bullet 39 € does the job well, and if you want the Mercedes-Benz mixers, go for a Vitamix. It’s solid.


Step 1 – Start with ice

1-4 cubes for a Shake more liquid. 5-10 cubes for a mixture more “pudding”.


Step 2 – Add a liquid (preferably unsweetened)

Cow’s milk or almonds (not sweet), water or tea. Avoid juices that are too sweet.


Step 3 – Add fruit (fresh or frozen)

Bananas, raspberries, blueberries, Mures, Dates, etc. After training, may be the best time to put more fruits (anabolic window). Otherwise, you do not have to put, especially if you want to lose fat.


Step 4 – Add as many vegetables as you like (Seriously)

Contrary to what the guys think, choosing the right vegetables, it was not necessarily bad taste. Try it and see. And you need these vitamins and minerals for proper metabolism, avoid the intake of fat and increase muscle gain. Try spinach, lettuce, cucumber and celery.


Step 5 – Add protein powder

In general, go for whey protein 30g. Before going to bed, the slow-digesting casein proteins are ideal.


Step 6 – Add the seeds or nuts

For good fats and essential additional calories to gain muscle. Chia seeds, hemp or flax – Peanuts, Almonds, Cashews, pistachios, walnuts (Complete or butter).

Once everything is in the mixer, start, and serve in a tall glass.


Step 7 – Finish with a topping

You can add on top of small dried fruit, cinnamon powder, cocoa beans and cocoa powder. Spices and cocoa are very dense in micronutrients.


An example recipe

An example? Here is one of my favorite, the increase of the fields.

Step 1: 3-4 ice cubes

Step 2: unsweetened almond milk, 1 ½ cups

Step 3: Celery 1 cup (You do not even feel – Guaranteed.)

Step 4: Fruit Blend frozen fields, ¾ cup

Step 5: Whey Protein Vanilla, 30g

Step 6: Cashew, ¼ cup

Step 7: Cocoa powder (1 teaspoon)

Step 8: Drink!


And here is a simple guide to prepare nutritious and delicious shakes, every time. And when you have eaten your first, congratulate you for taking more nutrients than most guys in a week.