Causes Of Snoring And Its Prevention


Snoring And Its Causes

Snoring is a common condition for every human being. It can come in age persons. If it comes occasionally there is no need to afraid. Otherwise, you have to know the causes of snoring and take medication for snoring. It happens mainly when the flow of the air comes from the mouth instead of the nose by blocking the airways or nostrils. People will snore for different reasons it’s an important thing to know why it’s happening. Snoring comes with a loud sound and disturbs your partner. Sleeping in different rooms or taking medication is good for both. We can stop snoring by following some home remedies. Snoring causes and effects are given below.

Causes Of Snoring

There is a number of causing factors that lead to snoring. When you get cold or staying in cold places the muscles take relaxation and block the airways. Age, the structure of a nose, and tonsil are some of the snoring causes.

Nasal Issues:

Anything that blocked your breathing through your nose can cause the snore. Blocking airways and stuffy nose are problems. If you have structural issues in nasal it also one of the causes. If you are allergic to something that may cause snoring.

Overweight Or Obesity:

Being overweight also one of cause. Even if you are thin but excessive weight carrying around your neck is also a cause. Large tonsils and adenoids are also a reason.

Drinking and Smoking:

Taking alcohol and smoking will relax the nasal tissues this will lead to snore. If you are taking any sleeping pills or antibiotics will lead to snoring causes.

Lying Positions:

The tongue moves back to the throat when you sleeping on black posture so this will cause snore. Below shown postures helps you from snoring. These are all causes of snoring.

Remedies for Snoring

In the market, you can get anti-snoring devices they can help you from snoring. Sometimes you may need to consult a doctor if you have some serious issue otherwise by using these tips to get out of snoring. Now you aware of causes and these homemade remedies will help you from snoring.

Change your lying posture:

Changing postures while sleeping helps you from snoring. Some will get snore if they sleep on one side(left or right) and some will get sleep on the back. Some pillows are specially made for this. By using this method we can solve many causes of snoring.

Lose weight:

Losing weight may stop your snoring by losing the large tissues around your neck.

Quit drinking and smoking:

Drinking and smoking will relax the muscles in your neck that’s why you are getting snoring. It is hard to stop drinking and smoking but there are a lot of alternations to stop them.

Avoid sleeping pills and antibiotics:

Some pills also relax the muscles. Some blood pressure, diabetic, and pain killer tablets will relax your muscle so ask your doctor to change your medication.


These exercises will help you from snoring if you do like this

  • By saying vowels a, e, I, o, u in the morning time for 3 minutes each word.
  • Close your mouth with folding your lips into the mouth.
  • If you like fun then do singing it’ll help you to control the breathing and to open up your mouth.

By consulting doctor:

If snoring doesn’t stop by home remedies know that you have some serious problem. Consulting a doctor is a better option. He will explain the causes of snoring and prescribe you the snoring treatment or surgery.
Oral appliances can help you to open up your airway passages to breath normally. Consult a dentist to get the device.

  • CPAP(continuous positive airway pressure) is also a device to wear over your nose. It pressurizes the airways in sleep.
  • By doing surgery removes the excess tissues in your throat.

  • Palatal implants are also called pillar procedure. This treatment involves you to put the polyester filament in your mouth.
  • LAUP(uvulopalatoplasty) it is laser treatment. In this surgery, the laser removes the excess of hanging tissue at the back of the throat.
  • Radiofrequency can reduce the size of the tissue in the throat.
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