Cooking Tips – Simple Kitchen Tips


Cooking is a fundamental and essential ability. Very often people think that it’s hard for some reason. Here are some top tips to enable you to improve your cooking skills. Seasonings are so important while cooking any dish. By following simple cooking tips, you can save your time. There are some ways you can draw out the kind of seasonings, herbs, and flavors. I will probably help make cooking simple for you.

Cooking Tips – Simple Kitchen Tips

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen.. cooking, washing the dishes and other kitchen works. Three times a day we have to prepare meals and need to manage all the cleaning. Sometimes, we will face spoiled foods. Some kitchen tips will save us some cash, spare us time and make the kitchen a more secure spot prove to be handy. Let’s see some of the cooking tips and kitchen tricks.


  • A kitchen is a place where an accident seems to happen. You can keep it more secure with these simple cooking tips.
  • Overheated oil is dangerous. Never heat oil in the pan for too long or leave and do something else. Most of the fires in the kitchen have started from burning pans.
  • If you got yourself a burning pan, the first thing to do is to turn off the heat. Don’t throw water into the pan. Cover the pan with a lid, wet rag or a towel.
  • A round-bottomed pan is prone to tipping. Never use this pan while frying.


  • Cleaning all those kitchen utensils, gadgets and tools can be wearying; techniques that can speed it provide relief.
  • Sandpaper is a great way to remove stubborn stains from stainless steel pans.
  • When chopping a large number of vegetables, spread an old newspaper on your work table. Once you have completed the cutting, you can just simply roll the newspaper and save yourself some cleaning.
  • Baking soda, it is a great aid in cleaning greasy stains on the utensils. Add the required amount of baking soda to your liquid soap and you can see those grease stains dissolve.

Food Preservation

  • It’s always good to know to prolong the life of preserved food, whether it is cooked or raw. It will save you money and reduce going to the grocery or market because you can buy in bulk.
  • You don’t have to throw away the left-over tomato pasta sauce. Keep it in the refrigerator to get rid of spoiled. When you to use it, you can just heat it in the microwave and serve it.
  • Flours can also be kept in the refrigerator to prevent the fungus from growing in it. When you kept it in the freezer, it won’t become lumpy.
  • When storing vegetables in the freezer, you can keep them fresh by wrapping them in towels. The towel will absorb the moisture from the vegetables that don’t get spoiled easily.
  • Cooking Tips And Tricks

    • Every cook should know basic and simple cooking tips to save time and energy. Let’s see some tips here.
    • After cooking the meat, always keep in rest.
    • After boiling the vegetables, rush them into ice water for a second to retain the bright color.
    • Don’t add lemon juice when preparing a meat marinade, it makes the texture of the meat crumbly. Add the citrus at the end in a sauce.

    • After chopping the garlic, get rid of the smell on your hands. Rub your hands firmly on the stainless sink for one minute and then wash.
    • Store the spices in a cool, dry space because light and heat will cause them to lose the flavor.
    • Leave the butter and eggs out on the table overnight, in order to get better results in baking.
    • If you are boiling pasta, do not add oil into the water as the sauce won’t stick to the pasta, this is a simple cooking tip.
    • You can keep avocadoes fresh for a longer time by putting them into a container by adding a slice of lemon and then sealing the container airtight.
    • When you make pasta, add salt into the boiling water, it will add flavor from the inside out.
    • A simple cooking tip, to get enough juices from the lemon, microwave them for 20 to 30 seconds before cutting.
    • You can freeze wine cubes and use them while cooking.
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