Cooling Summer Juices


In summer, taking solid food is better than taking liquids. It will give energy, refreshes our body and keeps hydrating all the time. Taking healthy liquids like juices, buttermilk, and lassi may help us a lot and we can stay by having the food in a small quantity and drinking liquids much. It helps in the hot sunny weather by not getting ill. By taking the juices they protect us from thirsty and reduce the sweat. Natural and healthy juices are the best energy drink in the summer season.

Orange Juice

Through orange juice, we acquire some minerals, vitamins, and fibers. It is good for health and acts as an anti-inflammatory and controls the blood pressure.


  • 2 Oranges
  • 4 Carrots
  • 1 Beetroot


  • Wash all the fruits with water and peel them.
  • Then take a bowl and cut them into half.
  • Blend them and add the ice according to cooling you take.
  • Take that juice into a glass and have the chilled orange Healthy juices.

Mango Juice

The most favorable fruit for everyone is Mango, which is the best healthy juice in summer and it is king of all the fruits. It is the best seasonal fruit when compared with other seasonal fruits. Drinking mango juice is better than taking the mango directly. We can consume mango in both ways but taking in the juice form may help a lot and gives extra energy along with detoxifying advantages. This healthy liquid makes us very energetic and our tummy full.


  • 2 Mangoes
  • 1 milk packet
  • Ice ( as Required)
  • Sugar


  • Wash the mangoes with water and peel them.
  • Cut them and place it in the mixer jar.
  • While mixing add some milk, sugar and blend them again.
  • Take that juice into a glass and add some chopped mango pieces into it and have it.
  • This is the tastiest and healthy mango juice which helps to fight against cancer.

Cucumber Juice

Cucumber contains a lot of water content,it is very good healthy juice to maintain good health. It is an excellent anti-calorie and contains detoxifying components. It reduces the waste in our body and makes us healthy.


  • Cucumber
  • Bell pepper
  • Kiwi
  • Mint leaves


Take a blender and cut the cucumber and kiwi pieces. Blend them continuously until it gets mixed well. Meanwhile, add some mint leaves and bell pepper. Filter the juice and remove the wastage then add some lemon juice in it and have it. The cucumber juice is ready to drink.

Grape Juice

Drinking healthy juices in summer make everyone healthy and they give energy. By having the grape juice, we can get rid of the threatening time and makes us get relax from that feeling. This drink contains vitamins and minerals which help us to get energy all the time. This squeeze helps in gaining the c vitamins and helps in a threatening.


  • Grapes
  • Sugar
  • Ice (As Required)


Wash the grapes and keep them in a mixer jar and blend them well. After that add some sugar and ice into it. Have this vitamin drink in the hottest summer.

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