Diabetes is a disease, happens when the level of blood sugar is too high. The glucose comes to our body through the food which we are taking. Glucose plays an important role because it is the main component that gives energy for the cells present in the muscles and the tissues.

Diabetes is the major health issue where we should take the medication throughout life. What kind of diabetes you are facing is not important but leads to plenty of sugar in our blood. Having too much blood in our sugar is a dangerous health issue. There are different types of diabetes like Type 1, Type 2, and gestational diabetes

1. Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 disease is also known as Juvenile diabetes. This type of diabetes occurs only when the destruction of cells produced by the pancreas and the loss of immunity will be increased. It will occur due to genetic sensitivity and some external environmental factors. Losing weight is one of the causes of Type1 Diabetes. The people with the Type1 Diabetes should depend on the insulin and they should follow the insulin in a proper way even though they are taking the other medication. These types of diabetes is called insulin-dependent diabetes.

2. Type 2 Diabetes

It is a common in one of types of diabetes that occurs for most of the people in middle age, children and old people. In this Type2 diabetes, genetic disorder and environmental changes may play a key role and weight gaining is the major problem for the Type2 diabetes people. But not everyone will gain weight but some of them are due to the loss of insulin in the blood level may gain weight. This kind of diabetes is known as insulin-dependent diabetes millets. These people should follow a proper diet and healthy food to maintain the sugar at a balanced level.

3. Gestational Diabetes

This diabetes occurs during pregnancy. Not for all women but some of them are facing this problem during their pregnancy time. During pregnancy, the hormones released by the placenta makes comfort to the pregnant. By releasing the extra insulin, the pancreas may react and pancreas can’t keep up all the time. While this happens some amount of glucose will enter into the cells and stays in blood cells for a long time. This may result in Gestational Diabetes.

Symptoms for Diabetes

Types of diabetes symptoms are also varied depending on the sugar levels in the blood. The symptoms are listed below for the Type1 (insulin-dependent diabetes) and Type2 diabetes.

  • Repeated urination.
  • Increases thirsty.
  • Weight loss.
  • Extreme hunger.
  • Tiredness.
  • Slowly loss of eye vision and makes a blur.
  • Getting irritation and slow-healing of the wound.
  • Frequent infections for body and presence of the ketone in the urine.

The above-mentioned symptoms for the type 1 diabetes and insulin-dependent diabetes millets.

Prevention For Diabetes

Any types of diabetes can prevent through –

1. Reduce Sugar Usage

Eating sweet foods and taking the sugar content items, make our life to enter into the increase of Juvenile diabetes. The body cells are opposing to insulin action and they stay in the blood cells and that increases diabetes.

2. Add Workout To The Daily Schedule

Doing workout and some physical exercise may help us in preventing diabetes. Doing more exercise and maintaining the body in a good way may help in reducing the insulin in the blood sugar and overweight. For the insulin-dependent diabetes millets, one can easily choose this way to reduce the gain workout, it may help in burning of 2000 calories on a week. Include aerobic exercise, interval, and strength training to reduce the weight and improve the insulin resistance.

3. Make Water as Main Drink

Drinking more water helps to reduce any types of diabetes completely, and also avoid all the sugar-related drinks. Drinking soda and other beverages help in increasing diabetes latent autoimmune diabetes of adults (LADA). Based on studies, consuming the water may prevent the sugar level in the blood and reduces the gained weight.

4. Lose Weight

After attacking diabetes, all persons won’t gain their weights but few people who have increased the sugar level and the insulin may gain weight like Type2 Diabetes. Reducing the weight suddenly may loss health but the sugar levels may balance in this process.

5. Avoid Smoking

Smoking kills one’s entire life and causes many issues like lung damages, cancer, and mouth related diseases. After all, in the research smoking was found increasing by the Juvenile diabetes people and they are getting into the last stage of life by having the cigarettes.

6. Follow a Very Low Diet

Taking food like rice may increase the level of sugar. It’s better to divide the diet and have low cholesterol foods. Insulin-dependent diabetes should reduce the eating of the food then it may reduce the sugar levels and balance it. Eat the shoot of the neem leaf daily in the morning to reduce or to control the sugar levels in the body.

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