Healthy Low Calorie Breakfast Of Ancient Foods


Healthy Breakfast With Ancient Food

Low-Calorie Breakfast

Breakfast is one of the first meals of the day. Actually, soo many people are having breakfast, the breakfasts are Idli, Dosa, Poori, Upma, and some other items also. But these items are having high calories. While taking this kind of high-calorie content food there is a chance to get health disorders. So that why we need to choose the low-calorie breakfast to eat and stay healthy. We are going to know about some healthy ancient breakfast. Those are made with the help of ragi flour, jowar flour, and Lobia. This low- calorie food keeps healthy.

Ragi Java:

The making of ragi java is very simple. Just take a cup of water and boil it. While boiling the water you need to add the ragi flour and salt with the water. Mix it well with the water. Add a glass of milk with it. And also add two spoons of sugar with that content.

Benefits of Low-Calorie Breakfast Ragi Java:

Weight Loss: Having a low-calorie breakfast will help you to reduce weight because it is a low-calorie food.

Increases bone strength: It increases bone strength because it is fully filled with calcium and vitamin D. This will develop bone strength.

Jowar Roti:

We need to take a cup of jowar flour along with a half cup of water and mix them by adding some salt. Make it a small or a medium ball. Slightly press with your palms and cook it on light heat.

Benefits of jowar roti:

Improves the digestion: It improves the digestion because of fiber content is available in this Jowar roti.

Boost immunity: It is a low-calorie breakfast but having high-quality minerals those are iron, magnesium, calcium, and copper it helps you to bones strong.

Lobia Vada:

It is one of the popular crispy snack items. Wash and soak Lobia for 4 to 6 hours and grain it as a semi-smooth paste. Add salt to the semi-smooth paste and also add all ingredients to that paste-like onion, chili powder, and Mirchi and make it as boul. Press it with your palm and fry it in a boiled oil.

Benefits of Lobia Vada:
  • Have a low-calorie breakfast with so many benefits of food which is very useful for diabetes patients.
  • Digestion: It is also fully loaded with fiber content that will help you to the digestive system.
  • It contains the potassium which will manage the excessive sodium in our diet.


Oatmeal is one of the usual breakfast we take because it has a low-calorie food and it is a low-calorie diet also. It contains a unique fiber that helpful to our digestive system and also reduces cholesterol.

Benefits of Oatmeal
  • Oats have incredible nutrients. Whole Oats are rich in antioxidants. It contains the powerful soluble fiber and called beta-glucan and it helps to reduce the cholesterol.
  • The oats will improve the control of blood sugar and also help you to reduce weight loss.

Sprouts Salad:

Sprouts salad is a healthy low-calorie breakfast and this salad makes with the help of seeds only. These seeds are very helpful for our body.

Benefits of Sprouts Salad

It contains vitamins A, B, C, and E. This salad is very nutritious. It has so many health benefits because of this is a low-calorie food. Easier digestion and blood sugar will be controllable. And also reduces heart diseases. We can eat this sprouts salad regularly.

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