Home Remedies For Burns At Home


Home remedies can help you to reduce the pain, severity of the burning place, and heal the skin. Most of the burns are household injuries. All remedies won’t work for some burns they need medical treatment. Minor burns can take 2-3 weeks’ time to heal. Burns can be divided by their severity. Home remedies will work on first and second-degree burns. But you have to take medical treatment for third and fourth-degree burns. Not all remedies may not work on all burns they may increase infection also. Let us know some home remedies for burns and how to heal burn fast.

Cool Water:

For minor burns, you should drop the water on the burning place for 20 min minimum. You can use milk also. But if it’s a small burn you have to keep it for 15-20 min in milk. Then wash the burn area with soap. By doing this it’ll help you from burning sensation for some time.

Aloe Vera:

Many people will use ice cubes or cold water. They may stop or restrict the flow of the blood and damages the tissue. Aloe vera is the best home remedies for burns. After washing with water apply aloe vera gel taken from aloe vera leaf, it’ll help you from pain and heal fast. You all know about the aloe vera that is used in many products. If you are using aloe vera gel from the market make sure to avoid the perfumes, additives, and coloring.

Honey for burns:

Honey is antibiotic and it helps you from burning sensation. You can apply this to the burning place or apply it to the bandage and place it. It’ll prevent the infection.

Mint toothpaste for burns:

Mint toothpaste can helps you from first degree burns. Whenever you accidentally touch by hot things you can add this is as home remedies for burns at home. First, clean with water and apply this mint toothpaste as a layer.

Vinegar for burns:

Vinegar is a component of aspirin. So it can help inflammation of burns, pain, and infection. It works like antiseptic and styptic. Take a cotton with vinegar and apply it on the wound.

Antibiotic Creams:

In the market, we have n number of antibiotic creams or burn ointments available for burns. It will help you from infection and heal quickly. After applying cover with a bandage or expose blister to protect from infection.

Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil contains acids and antifungal, which helps you from infections. This oil improves the skin-healing vitamin E. The combination of lemon juice and coconut oil are other home remedies for burns. Add lemon juice with coconut oil and apply it to the burning place. It helps to heal the wound and the scar will remove by lemon juice.

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