How To Get Beautiful Face In 7 Days?


Getting a beautiful face in 7 days is not easily possible. Who doesn’t wants a beautiful face? Every woman is aspiring to have a glowing face. Can you find me one that did not want? There is no one I can strongly answer to this question because the woman is doing so many activities for good looking. We have to protect our skin from dust entire the day. If we regularly follow some instructions for our skin and face then definitely everyone gets a natural and beautiful face. All these processes can be done in a step by step to avoid all the dust particles. Then only the 7 days beauty is possible if we neglect it then we did not get the satisfied results.

How To Get a Beautiful Face In 7 Days?

DAY 1:

The big mistake that every woman is doing that they did not choose the right products for their skin. They are using different types of skin products which are not suitable for their face. This is the reason that they are facing problems and not getting good results. So firstly choose a good one that suits your skin. Doing so many activities and going out for work your face is always filled with junk and dust. Due to this, we are getting pimples, skin infections, dark circles, etc. A cleanser will help to remove all the acne, pimples, and dark circles then only you get the beautiful face in 7 days. After cleaning your face apply a skin tone that suits your face. Before sleeping clean it with cotton or a smooth towel.

DAY 2:

We have to improve our skin by taking healthy foods. It is also one of the important instructions for healthy skin. Avoid foods that not suit your skin and face. Follow the fruit masks for your face and avoid the all chemical creams that you are applying for the face. Fruits are very nutritious and give good results. Apply suitable fruits for your skin for example if you have an oily face then use strawberry, for dry skin use banana. By doing this you definitely get a beautiful face in 7 days.

DAY 3:

By doing the activities of day 1 and day 2 your skin is a little bit improving from the problems. Cleaning your skin with suitable skin tones and applying fruit masks in the morning may reduce pimples, acne, and dark circles. If you are going out then surely apply suncream to your body because of some powerful UV rays from the sun. The suncream protects our skin from the sun and one of the healthy tips for a beautiful face that prevents skin problems.

DAY 4:

Cleaning our skin and moisturizing with creams will reduce the problems and improves our skin health. After cleaning your face with clean water and rub your face with cotton that soaked in rose water apply a clay mask. Continue before this process of applying night creams to your face and moisturize it which helps to seal your pores. This 7 days to get a glowing face give good results.

DAY 5:

By doing all the above activities and instructions for a good skin tone your skin is improved day by day. With all these activities in the 5th day apply sandalwood mask for your face. Remove it by hot water and clean it with cotton. If we do not neglect all these activities then only we get a beautiful face in 7 days.

DAY 6:

The skin is improved and reduced by all the problems that we are facing by doing all the activities. Moisturizing, applying skin creams, fruit mask, a clay mask will give good results. Take healthy juices and water for more improving your skin.

DAY 7:

Now the time comes for the perfect skin tone and beautiful face. By doing the activities from day 1 to day 7 we get a clear, glowing, soft, and radiant face. This is not enough to stop for 7 days to care about our skin. If we daily continue this process then damn sure we did not face any problem and get a beautiful face.

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