Incredible Benefits Of Rice Water For The Skin


There are many amazing numerous health benefits and natural beauty items in the kitchen. In your home, rice is the most common food item which has hidden beauty secrets. Many people don’t have an awareness about rice water, so they will easily ignore it, after soaking the rice. Rice performs a significant role in giving good health and strength. All of them have an idea, how will be the rice water is! It is nothing but leftover water that remains after you wash or half cook. However, this water is used after soaking the rice, gives many benefits. Rice water for the skin is used for beauty, and also natural health purposes. Starch is present in rice water and also carbohydrates, inositol, and other organic substances. Many vitamins are loaded in rice water, which helps the skin problems, and keeps fresh throughout the day.

Have a look at amazing nutrients present in rice water:

Its Nutritional Value:

These values are specified below and are considered, under the nutritional merits of one handful of white rice for 2 cups of water.

16 percent
10 percent
10 percent
9 percent

Health Benefits Of Rice Water

Here we listed some rice water benefits for skin

It helps in increasing complexion

If you are fighting with hyperpigmentation, age spots, sun spots, etc. fermented rice water for the skin can help you from these impacts. This water is not only beneficial to brown spots but also works for the lightening of the skin. Dip cotton into the fermented rice water and rub it over the black spots. So that you can easily observe the difference while in regular use.

This maintains skin elasticity

Mostly the rice water is having vitamin A, E, C, phenolic acids, and flavonoids. These can do wonders in maintaining the elasticity of the skin and provides deep hydration and moisture.

Protects skin from damage

Rice water for the skin is marvelous for healing and protecting the skin from the harmful effects of the sun and also from pollution. This water will treat sunburns and other skin conditions. Mainly, it helps in tightening the open pores of the skin.

Prevents skin cancer

Antioxidants are highly present in rice water which maintains skin softer, and it helps in cell growth and regeneration. The new healthy cells can generate due to rice water and help to keep skin cancer at bay.

It helps in preventing acne and pimples

Rice water frequently likely to deal with pimples and acne problems. The high amount of starch substance present in rice water is useful for warding off these annoying skin conditions. This water will acts as a medicine for those who are suffering from dermatitis, skin inflammation, rashes, etc.

How To Use Rice Water On The Skin?

There are some powerful ways of using this water for the skin.

As a skin toner

First, dip cotton in fermented rice water and smoothly swipe on your face. So it minimizes the size of open pores and acts as a wondrous skin toner.

As a face pack

As your choice naturally apply the original rice water on the skin or add other ingredients like flavors. Apply that pack to your face and stay within 15-20 minutes. This water will help to relieve your acne, pimples, and also prevents the brown spot appearance.

As a cleanser

It also supplies smoothness for skin like baby skin and supple skin. Use rice water to your face and hands too and wait for 20 minutes. Clean with cold water, so that you can get soft skin by regular usage.

As a bath essential

Rice water for the skin having a bath essential, and it gives relaxation and rejuvenated. Add half a cup of rice to a muslin bag. Now sit in the water for 30 minutes before you soak in it.

As a scrub

Take some soaked rice and rice water and grind it into a smooth paste. Now use this smoothie as a body scrub to get rid of dead skin cells. This rice water gives a natural radiance and softness, glowness to your skin.

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